Mess Free Painting

Painting in zip lock freezer bags is a perfect painting technique for babies and toddlers as its totally mess free! Babies can put their painting in their mouth without you worrying and older children will love the effects created by squeezing the paint around the bag. 

You will need:

Painting in a Freezer Bag

Squeeze some poster paint onto a piece of card and carefully place the card into a zip lock freezer bag.  Seal the bag.  I put some tape across the top to make it extra secure. 

Let your baby or toddler explore the bag and paints.  Daisy loved being given her bag and thought it was a great new toy......

.....but she loved it even more when Harry got involved. 

I wanted to keep Daisy's painting so I carefully took it out of the bag and left it to dry. 

I used her painting to make a flower greeting card and a piece of wall art.

Daisy: 6 months
Harry: Age 3

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