We Love You To Pieces Craft

Daddy, we love you to pieces! This little keepsake was made by Harry to remind his Daddy how much we all love him (which is a lot!).  This post forms part of the 100 acts of kindness challenge hosted by 'Toddler Approved' and 'Coffee Cups and Crayons' where they are posting a different act of kindness each day until mid February......no act of kindness is too small!

We made this little keepsake from red salt dough (using this simple recipe) but I actually think it would be just as nice made from card.

We cut a heart shape out of salt dough using a biscuit cutter and I gave Harry some pieces of cut up card in red, pink and silver.

Harry pushed the pieces of card into the heart.  He kept telling me how much Daddy was going to love it! I made a small hole at the top of the heart by pushing a straw through the salt dough.

Then we left it to dry (by a radiator for a couple of days) and varnished it using Mod Podge all in one sealer glue and finish (UK link) (US link)

  I made a little tag out of plain coloured salt dough and once it was dry and varnished I added a little message....

Daddy, we LOVE you to pieces 

I tied the salt dough tag to the heart with a piece of ribbon and it was ready for Harry to give to his Daddy.  He was so excited about giving it to him and was sure that he was going to love it.......which he did!

Harry: Age 3

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