Mini Canvas Christmas Ornament Craft

Let your little ones add their personality to this year's Christmas tree by making this one-of-a-kind Mini Canvas Christmas Ornament Craft!

Mini canvas Christmas ornament craft
The holidays are such a magical time for our little ones (and some of us adults too!) Getting kids involved in the Christmas decoration process is an amazing way to make the most of this magical season. We love homemade decorations and the individuality that they bring. 

This cute Christmas ornament craft is a fun and easy DIY project that you can tackle with the whole family. Each mini canvas can be totally unique and in addition to having fun kids can proudly display their mini works of art on the family Christmas tree. A double win!

You'll only need a few basic art and crafts supplies to make your mini canvases and a bit of time to allow the paint to dry. But the result it's totally worth the wait, I promise!

Sounds like a plan? Then, let's start!

Mini canvas ornament

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Mini Canvas Christmas Ornament Craft

Mini Canvas Ornament Craft - Supplies:

  • Mini Canvases
  • Pencil 
  • Black marker
  • Paint and/or paint pens
  • Ribbon
  • Glue, tape or glue gun

How to paint a mini canvas Christmas ornament 

STEP 1 - Draw a Christmas outline on a mini canvas

Let's begin making these lovely Christmas ornaments, shall we?


Prepare your workstation and decide which Christmas characters you want on your Christmas ornaments. We went with Santa and snowmen, but you can choose other Christmas characters like an elf, a reindeer, or even a Christmas tree! 

You might want to use images from Christmas storybooks or cards as inspiration. Remember to try to keep the design simple. 

Once you have selected your Christmas characters, carefully draw the outline of the character shape on the mini canvas using a pencil. Once you are happy with the design draw over your pencil lines with a black marker.

Christmas mini canvas craft

STEP 2 - Paint your mini canvas

It is now time to paint your mini canvas. Carefully paint your Christmas character using a thin paintbrush. Once the paint has dried use a black marker to go back over any outlines you have painted over to make them really stand out. 

santa painting on mini canvas

Once the paint has dried you can also add extra details using either paint or a paint pen such as white dots to represent snow.

snowman painting on mini canvas

STEP 3 - Add ribbon to your mini canvas

To complete these mini canvas ornaments you will need to add some ribbon to hang your ornament with. Take a piece of ribbon, make a loop with it and glue it to the back of each canvas. You can use glue or tape, although we prefer to make it extra secure and went with a glue gun. 

Mini canvas Christmas ornament

Now, this lovely Christmas ornament craft is ready to be displayed! 

Mini paint canvas craft

Write your child's name and age on the back or the mini canvas so that in years to come you can remember when your mini canvas ornaments were painted and by whom. 

Painting ornaments

Kids will love hanging these mini canvas Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree and be so proud to see their art showcased! 

We hope that you enjoy getting creative as you make your own mini canvas ornaments. This is such a fun Christmas ornament craft to do with the whole family. 

Mini canvas Christmas ornament craft for kids

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