Stocking Filler Ideas (& Free Printable Santa Letter)

Stocking filler ideas

What is on your child's Christmas list? If you are looking for stocking filler ideas then look no further than this list of fun and unique Christmas gift ideas for kids. 

I'm sure your child will already have lots of Christmas gift ideas in mind, but if you are trying to help them think of a few extras or you want to get them a few surprises, then use these stocking filler ideas as inspiration. Grab our free printable Santa letter and help your child write down what they would like for Christmas.

stocking filler ideas

When you are thinking of Christmas gift ideas unique and fun gifts are perfect for children. Below you will find a selection of Christmas gifts that we think would make great stocking fillers. They have all been found on the Wicked Uncle website which is full of gift ideas that you probably wouldn't think of. All of their gift ideas can be searched by age and always have the 'cool' factor! 

Show your child these ideas before they write their Christmas list. You can find our free printable Santa letter below. 

Scroll down for our free printable Santa letter (use discount code - letter)

Stocking Filler Ideas

These stocking filler ideas are great for children of a variety of ages. As well as browsing the Christmas gift ideas below head over to the Wicked Uncle website to check out all their stocking fillers as they have so many fun and unique ideas. 

Mini Dog Lamp

I fell in love with this little lamp the minute I saw it and I think you will too! It is a battery-powered lamp with posable legs so he can either sit or lie down on your bedside table. 

stocking fillers mini dog lamp

Magic Notebook

This magic notebook (complete with magic wand pencil) is a perfect gift for anyone interested in magic. Use it to write down magic spells, invent potions, or keep it as a special book to fill with your special stories or secrets. 

stocking fillers magic notebook

Space Torch

I love these little torches that are available for various themes. Shine your torch and project images of space around the room.  

Stocking fillers space torch

Fun Tape Measure

Not only can you measure things with this fun tape measure, but you can also look at the fun facts on the tape measure to see what else is same size as the item you are measuring. 

stocking fillers fun tape measure

Thumb War

This looks like a fun little game! Put on the different masks (finger puppets) and wrestle with your thumbs. Who will pin down their opponent and be declared champion? 

stocking fillers thumb war

Exercise Dice

This is a fun gift idea for slightly older children. Use the exercise dice to mix up your workouts and stay healthy. Simply roll the dice to create your own individual workout routine.

stocking fillers exercise dice

Bendy Light

Here is another fun little light. The super bendy light can twist, grip, and grab almost anything! The head rotates 360 degrees so you can shine the light any direction you choose. 

stocking fillers bendy light

Optical Illusions

These illusions are sure to amaze! This mini packet of optical illusions contains 50 cards that are small enough to hold in your hand. Have fun trying out the different illusions and sharing them with family and friends. 

Stocking fillers optical illusion cards

Free Printable Santa Letter

Writing Christmas lists is such an exciting experience for children. Put on some Christmas music, mix up some hot chocolate, and serve some yummy Christmas-themed treats.  Once you are in the Christmas mood take out our free printable Santa letter available below and get ready to write your Santa letters. 

Once you have printed off your Santa letter head to the Wicked Uncle website to check out their gift ideas and get writing! 

free printable letter to santa

To download this Santa letter for free click on the link below and add the discount code: letter. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Santa letter printable

Disclosure - This is a sponsored post and Wicked Uncle sent us a selection of stocking fillers. All thoughts and opinions are our own. I would recommend all of the stocking fillers that we received as well as the service provided by Wicked Uncle.

stocking filler ideas for kids

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