Colourful & Cute Paper Plate Cat Craft

Cat lovers, gather your supplies, and get ready for the cutest cat craft! Today we're sharing this cute and charming paper plate cat craft to make with your kids. Toddlers and preschoolers who love their little feline friends are going to love this one!

Paper plate cat craft for kids

Paper plate animal crafts are a timeless and fun craft option to make with our little ones. It really doesn't matter the age of your kids, this adorable cat craft is great fun to bring to life.

This colourful paper plate cat craft is based on one of the cute cats in the storybook, 'Have You Seen My Cat?', by Eric Carle. Why not have fun reading the story and looking at the illustrations with your little ones before you get crafty? How many different types of cats can they think of? Lion? Bobcat? Panther? Jaguar? 

When painting your paper plate cat craft use the colours we have suggested based on one of the cats in the storybook or have fun experimenting with different colour combinations!

See the video of Have You Seen My Cat by Eric Carle below or get your own copy of the book.

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Paper Plate Cat Craft

Paper Plate Cat Craft - Supplies:

  • White paper plates
  • Orange, blue, green, peach and grey craft paint 
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Black marker
  • Paintbrushes 
  • Glue
  • Scissors 

Paper plate cat craft supplies

How to make your Paper Plate Cat - Instructions:

STEP 1: Cut out your paper plate cat craft.

Start by cutting your paper plate into the shape of a cat's face. Use the image below as a guide when cutting out your cat's face shape. 

Then using offcuts from your paper plate (or a new paper plate if you don't have large enough offcuts) cut out two triangle ears, two oval eyes, a rounded triangle chin, and a tiny triangle nose.

paper plate cat

STEP 2: Paint your paper plate cat craft.

Now it is time to start painting your cat craft. Start by painting one ear orange and then lightly brush the other ear with blue paint.

Take your grey paint and use it to paint the top of your cat's head and also the nose's bridge. It might help to draw the shape in pencil first using the image below as a guide. 

how to make a paper plate cat

Using the same colours you used for the ears, paint one side of the cat's face orange and the other blue.

cat paper plate craft

Paint the eye pieces green and the nose piece peach. Once the paint has dried glue the eyes, nose and chin to your cat face. 

STEP 3: Add details to your paper plate cat craft.

With a black marker draw in the mouth and glue in place 6 brown pipe cleaner whiskers!

have you seen my cat craft for kids

Your colourful cat paper plate craft is now completed! Doesn't it look cute! If you love cats you might like our clay cat craft too! 

Paper plate cat craft for kids

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