Printable Crown Template - Make Your Own Paper Crown Craft Fit For A King or Queen!

Be a King or Queen for the day with this free printable crown template. Have fun using the crown template to make your own paper crown craft, whether it be for a birthday celebration, fun dressing up day, or to become a King or Queen for the day!

printable crown template 

This crown craft is perfect for anyone celebrating the Kings Coronation, as are our King's Coronation Colouring Pages

We love pretend play and making crowns such as these really helps children to get into role! 

If you are using these printable crown templates for a celebration you could either make the paper crown crafts ahead of time to wear at your celebration, or have the printable crown templates set out with scissors, glue and markers on a kids craft table. 

Free Printable Crown Template

We have 2 different crown template designs for you to choose from as well as a blank crown template for you to design your own crown. To get the printable crown templates for free use the discount code - crown. 

Paper crown craft for kids to make

Scroll down for your printable crown templates 

King Crown Template

This is the most detailed of our paper crown templates and it is most definitely fit for a king or queen! 

king crown template

Simple Crown Template

For children that would prefer a simpler crown design then this design covered in jewels to colour is the one to choose.

Printable crown template

Design Your Own Crown Template

If you are feeling creative why not design your own crown?! You could add patterns, simple designs or even stick on a few little gems! This design your own crown design could be really fun to use for a design a crown competition! 

Paper crown template

How to make a Paper Crown Craft

King or queens paper crown craft

Paper Crown Craft - Supplies

  • Printable crown template 
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Markers, pencil crayons or watercolour paints

STEP 1: Print out the crown template

Scroll down to the end of the directions to get a copy of the printable crown templates. Choose the crown design that you would like to make and then print it out onto thick white paper or thin cardstock. To get the printable crown template for free use the code - crown. 

STEP 2: Colour the crown template

Now it is time to add some colour to your crown template. Have fun getting creative using markers, coloured pencils or even watercolour paint. 

STEP 3: Cut out the printable crown template 

Following the directions on the printable cut out the three sections of the crown. Cut along the dotted lines. 

STEP 4: Make up your paper crown craft

To make your paper crown craft you will need to tape or glue the headband strips to each side of the crown. Then wrap the crown around your head and cut off any excess headband before taping the two ends together. Your crown craft is now ready to be worn and you can be king or queen for the day! 

Kings Coronation crown Craft - free printable crown template


To download this printable crown template for free click on the link below to be taken to the Messy Little Monster Shop and use the discount code - crown.  For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

free printable paper crown template

We hope that your love using this free printable crown template to make your own paper crown craft fit for a king or queen! 

Free printable crown template paper crown craft

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