Painted Pasta Flower Craft

If you're looking for a fun spring craft for kids, this painted pasta flower craft would be perfect! Kids will love painting and cutting pasta to create a spring picture. Follow the step by step directions below to create your very own pasta flower craft!

Painted pasta flower craft


flower craft for kids

Pasta crafts are so fun for younger children and with this one, older kids can join too! This makes a great craft for teaching spring lessons, pairing with a spring book, or just a fun craft to do with grandparents. 

With spring already here, this will be a fun way to get into the season. It would also make a great gift for family, mothers day, or even easter! You could also turn it into a card.

Scroll down below to get started making your own painted pasta flower craft.

Painted pasta flower craft for kids

Painted Pasta Flower Craft

Pasta Craft - Supplies

  • Pasta - mini bowtie, large bowtie, fettuccini 
  • Paper or cardstock - blue
  • Acrylic paint - yellow, purple, pink, green
  • Paint brush
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How to make a painted pasta flower craft

STEP ONE: Gather up your supplies

Before you begin, gather up all your supplies that you'll need. This makes things so much easier when there's paint involved! That way, you can just focus on your craft instead of running around for supplies.

STEP TWO: Cut and paint pasta

Start by painting 27 mini bowtie pasta purple and 9 of them green as shown below. These will be for the blue flower petals and green leaves on the stem.

painted pasta

Painting pasta for pasta flower craft

Next, cut 8 large bowtie pastas in half and paint half of them red and the other half yellow. These will be for flower petals.

Cutting pasta for pasta flower craft

How to paint pasta

Then, paint 6 fettuccini noodles green for the flower stems.

How to paint pasta for crafts

STEP THREE: Assemble your flower picture

After everything is painted, it's time to assemble your picture. Start with the lavender by gluing the purple mini bowties together on the top portion of the paper. Glue one vertically and align 8-12 below it, with 4-6 on each side. Repeat this 2 more times on different spots of the paper, as shown below.

Making a painted pasta flower craft

Next, glue 4 of the red bowties in a circular shape as shown below. Repeat with yellow.

Then, glue the green fettuccini below each of the pasta flowers to resemble stems, as shown below. Trim the pasta at the bottom with scissors so that it fits the paper.

How to make a painted pasta flower craft for kids

We're almost done! Continue by gluing the remaining red and yellow bowties lower on the paper. Glue a green fettuccini noodle under each one and trim it to fit.

Lastly, glue down the green mini bowtie pastas along the green fettuccini noodles to resemble leaves. 

Pasta flower craft

Flower craft

You're all done! Your pasta flower craft is ready to hang or gift to a family member. We hope you had fun making this painted pasta craft. Spring is such a fun time for making flower crafts with kids.

Painted pasta flower craft for kids. How to paint pasta and make a pasta craft.

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