Mason Jar Flower Craft for Kids

Get creative making this endearing Mason Jar Flower Craft and bring the beauty of spring indoors.
 Mason Jar Flower Craft


If you were looking for a fun and wonderful spring craft that will give your little ones a chance to get creative and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon crafting, you found it!

Making these Mason jar flowers will challenge kids' creativity and improve their fine motor skills at the same time.

Make the flower craft into a handmade card for grandparents or friends to gift to them on any special day. You can even customise a personal message on the tag!

This paper flower craft would also look cute framed in your child's bedroom.

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Or if you fancy making a craft using real mason jars check out these painted mason jars.


Mason Jar Flowers Craft

Mason jar flower craft for kids

Mason Jar Flower Craft - Supplies:

  • White card, 21 × 29 cm
  • Black paper 21 ×15 cm
  • Origami coloured sheets (or coloured paper) 
  • 12cm Ribbon
  • Scissor
  • Glue Stick 

Mason jar flower craft supplies

Mason Jar Craft - Directions:

STEP 1 - Fold white card in half

Crafting time! To start this adorable flower craft, begin by taking your white card and folding it in half to make a card.

STEP 2 - Create the black frame:

Take the black paper and cut a small rectangular shape that's a bit smaller than your white card. Using your scissors, start cutting a wavy natural shape on the inside of the black rectangle, then glue this frame onto the white card.

(Tip: Another way to make this is by cutting 4 strips of black paper, cut the wavy shape on one of the strip sides, and then glue each strip onto the white card, forming the frame)

border for mason jar flower craft

STEP 3 - Draw your mason jar

Take a pencil and trace out the shape of your mason jar on your black paper. Then, cut the jar shape and glue it towards the bottom of the white card.

paper mason jar craft

STEP 4 - Make the flowers

Now, draw small flowers on the origami coloured sheets (or scraps of coloured paper), cut them out, and glue them above the mason jar.

cut out flowers

For the stems, use green coloured paper and cut very thin strips. Place each strip from the top of the mason jar to the bottom of each flower. 

STEP 5 - Add the bow!

For the cute bow add a small strip of ribbon to the top of the jar shape. Then tie the remaining part of the ribbon into a bow and glue it to your jar. 

add bow to paper mason jar flower craft

STEP 5 - Add a tag to the mason jar craft

To complete this mason jar craft add a personalised tag. To do this cut the yellow coloured paper a in a tag shape and then add a border around the edge using a black marker. Write a personal message and then glue the tag onto the black mason jar.

Paper mason jar flower craft for kids

Now your mason jar flower craft is ready to go! We hope you and your little ones have tons of fun making this cute mason jar craft filled with flowers. Enjoy!

Mason jar flower craft for kids to make

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