How to Make Binoculars Craft

In search of the perfect binocular craft? Look no further! We'll show you How to Make Binoculars at home using some toilet rolls! 

How to make binoculars


We're getting resourceful today and using all those toilet paper rolls we have been saving! Making this adorable binocular craft is the perfect way to spend a creative afternoon preparing for St. Patrick's Day. 

These toilet roll binoculars will help the kiddos find the gold pot at the end of the rainbow or even hunt out some leprechauns! 

This binocular craft only takes the usual craft supplies (no time for anything fancy here!). So,  I'm more than confidant that you already have everything you need at home to put these toilet paper roll binoculars together.

Now, it's time to make this craft and go out for some St. Patrick Day fun!

Let's begin, shall we?

If you want to get the most of this craft, have fun using your binoculars after you have finished making your binocular craft. 

If you are keeping to the St Patrick's Day theme like we have, enjoy using your binoculars to hunt out rainbows, gold coins or leprechauns. If you are going for a more general theme and decorating your toilet roll binoculars with various colours and designs you might want to use them for heading out on a scavenger hunt!

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How to make binoculars at home

How to Make Binoculars at Home

toilet paper roll binoculars

Toilet paper roll binoculars - Supplies:

  • 2 empty Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Craft Foam (or Construction Paper)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Paint Pens or Markers
  • Hole Punch
  • String, Yarn, Etc. 
  • Glue Stick
  • Hot Glue 

How to make binoculars - Instructions:

STEP 1: Cut craft foam to size

Get your foam or construction paper and cut it to size, making sure it covers the toilet paper rolls entirely. 

binocular craft supplies

STEP 2: Decorate craft foam

Let the kids pick their favourite decorations and start adding some pizzaz to these binoculars! We recommend using paint pens or markers and cutting out shapes from bright paper or foam.

We decided to cut out strips of white foam and decorate them with rainbow coloured dots made using markers. We later added a shamrock shape, again made from craft foam and decorated with markers. 

Glue any decorations in place. 

binocular craft for kids

STEP 3: Glue toilet roll binoculars together

Heat up your hot glue gun and once it's ready, glue the craft foam to the toilet paper rolls and then glue both toilet rolls together. Make sure to press them against one another firmly until the glue sets and cools off a bit. 

binocular craft

STEP 3: Add lanyard

Then, you'll want to attach the lanyard. Cut the string or ribbon you've chosen to size so that it will fit around your child's neck. Using the hole puncher, make a hole in the outside top of both rolls. 

How to make binoculars

Then, tie each end of the string to the inside of the rolls.

toilet roll binoculars

And your toilet roll binoculars are complete!  You're now all set to go out for a fun treasure-hunt. Good luck and enjoy!

toilet paper roll binoculars craft for kids

Don't have craft foam?! Not to worry, these toilet roll binoculars can be made using construction paper or alternatively you could paint the toilet rolls or decorate them with markers. There are so many fun options!

We hope that you enjoy learning how to make binoculars at home and that you have fun using your toilet paper roll binoculars to go on a fun hunt! 

How to make binoculars at home. Toilet paper roll binoculars craft for kids.

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