Bug Sensory Bin - Explore the wonderful world of insects!

Explore the wonderful and fun world of insects with this terrific Bug Sensory Bin! Kids will be able to improve fine motor skills and let their imagination run free whilst having tons of fun! Sensory bins are a great way to promote language development as well as allowing kids to explore new objects and materials using their senses. This bug themed sensory bin would be great as part of a bug project for toddlers or preschoolers. 

bug sensory bin

Bug themed activities are always a win with toddlers and preschoolers. My toddler can't get enough of sensory bins and these bins are so easy to make that I can usually throw one together rather quickly. 

I keep a selection of different sensory materials, fine motor tools and small world animals to hand so I can easily create different themes quickly and easily.

The fillers I use when making sensory bins are often made using small items, but I know that my toddler won't put any items in his mouth and I always fully supervise his play. If you are worried your toddler might put things in their mouth try and choose larger items, use edible fillers or wait until they are a little older. 

Here are a few more sensory bin ideas you may like to try: 

bug sensory bin for toddlers

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Bug Sensory Bin

Bug Sensory Bin Supplies:

  • Dry black beans
  • A storage bin with a lid
  • Plastic insects
  • Outdoor Discovery Kit (If you don't have a bug discovery kit, you can use tongs, small jars, nets etc)
  • Flowers, leaves, grass

Bug Sensory Bin Directions:

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies.

Grab all your supplies. As well as using black beans, plastic bugs and discovery tools you will need some pieces of real nature to make this bug sensory bin. Why not get the kids involved with helping you to find a collection of flowers, leaves and grass. 

bug sensory bin supplies

STEP 2: Add bugs and greenery.

Once you have all your supplies start making your bug sensory bin by putting some of the insects in the storage bin and leaving the rest aside for now. Then, add some of the flowers, leaves and the grass you've chosen to use for this bin.

How to set up a bug sensory bin

STEP 3: Add the black beans!

Take your black beans and pour them into the bin making sure all the items you placed before (the toy insects, leaves and the grass) are completely covered by the black beans.

black bean and bug sensory bin

STEP 4: Put everything together.

Once that's done, add the rest of the toy bugs,  flowers and leaves to the bin. Make sure to move them around and push them into the beans to slightly covered them, but not completely. 

bug sensory bin fine motor activity for toddlers

Add some grip tools like tongs, a small bug net, and a selection of container so your child can start examining these cute little bugs.

bug sensory bin fine motor activity for preschoolers

Step 5: Playtime!

Invite your little toddlers and preschoolers to explore the bin, encourage them to talk about the insects and ask questions. Maybe even throw in a few random facts about the toy insects you've chosen to put in the bin to keep this sensory adventure more engaging!

bug activities for toddlers and preschoolers

If your little one (or yourself) are not big fans of bugs, this is an ideal way to explore bugs without real insects crawling around! 

Now, if you are a risk-taker and have no fear of bugs, feel free to follow up this sensory bin activity by going out to the backyard to look for some real bugs! You could even go on a bug hunt using our printable bug scavenger hunt!

We hope you had fun setting up this bug sensory bin and you enjoyed this awesome bug adventure with your little ones!

Bug sensory bin fine motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Easy bug activities for kids.

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