Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

If you're looking for an easy sensory play idea thats a winner with the kids, you are going to LOVE this rainbow rice sensory bin. Not only is coloured rice super simple to make, the bright colours used in this rainbow rice make it really inviting. There is so much fun and learning to be had by engaging in this rainbow themed sensory play. Scroll down below for the step by step directions for this rainbow rice sensory bin activity.

Rainbow rice sensory bin

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rainbow rice

Toddlers, preschoolers and big kids too will all love this rainbow rice sensory play activity. Sensory play stimulates the senses. It helps children engage in the world around them and experiment with different science processes.

coloured rice sensory bin

Rice sensory bins are GREAT for this since kids can use their sense of sight to explore the different colours and their sense of touch to explore the texture of the rice as well as discovering what happens when they pour rice into different containers. Have you ever tried pouring rice from old hand to another? The feeling of the rice falling threw your hands is so relaxing!

Scroll down below to get started making your own coloured rice.

Rainbow rice sensory bin

Rainbow rice sensory bin

Supplies needed for rainbow rice:

  • Uncooked white rice
  • Food colouring
  • Vinegar
  • Ziplock bag

For coloured rice sensory play:
  • Sensory tray or bin
  • Rainbow accessory toys
  • Small figures
  • Scoops, pots, funnels, etc

How to make coloured rice

STEP 1: Gather rainbow rice ingredients

Before you begin, gather up all the ingredients needed to make your coloured rice. Having everything to hand makes the process so much easier.

Note: the rice will take an hour to dry so hold off on gathering up all your sensory play toys just yet.

STEP 2: Prepare the rainbow rice

To get started preparing the rainbow rice, fill a ziplock bag half full of uncooked rice for each colour you'd like. We used five colours so I filled five bags with rice.

Next, add a few drops of food colouring and a squirt of vinegar to each bag.

dying rice

Seal the bag and mix until fully coated in colour. Add more food colouring until you're happy with the result.

Get the kids involved in this step. They will love throwing the bag of rice about and shaking it up and down as they watch the rice change colour. 

food coloring rice

Pour the rice into separate trays to dry as shown below. Wait about an hour for it to fully dry.

coloured rice

Coloured rice storage: to store your rainbow rice add the rice into jars or other airtight containers. If kept dry and stored correctly coloured rice lasts a LONG time. 

colored rainbow rice

STEP 3: Engage in play with rice sensory bin

Once the rainbow rice has dried, it's time to play!

Pour the coloured rice into a small tray or bin. Pour in one colour at a time to create a rainbow effect. You have to agree that this looks super inviting! (even I wanted to play!)

coloured rice

Ways to play with a rainbow rice sensory bin

Sensory bins have endless possibilities, but here are just a few of our favourite ways to play with a rainbow rice sensory bin:

Create a scene with rainbows and unicorns (or any other small world toys)

coloured rice sensory bin

Mix all the coloured rice together

multi coloured rice

Add some scoops and pots for pouring

sensory rice

Fine motor tools work well too

colored rice for sensory table

There are so many other ways to play too, so get creative and have fun!

coloured rice activities

Even just burying your hands in the rice is fun!

Rainbow rice sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers.

Keep some red rice aside for this Valentine's Day sensory bin!

We hope you have LOADS of fun engaging in sensory play with this rainbow rice sensory bin activity. Toddlers and preschoolers are sure to love exploring the coloured rice and finding different ways to play. And you'll love how easy it is to setup too!

Rainbow rice sensory bin. How to make coloured rice and set up sensory play.

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