St Patricks Day Lucky Leprechaun Craft

The magical St Patrick's Day is fast approaching and with it, we're all getting ready to spot some Leprechauns! We all know if you catch one you get 3 wishes (or some gold!) so what better way to start getting ready for them than to make this fun Lucky Leprechaun Craft? Preschoolers and even toddlers are going to get a kick out of this enchanting craft. Give it a try!

lucky leprechaun craft

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St. Patrick's Day is such a happy day. Kids get so excited playing around and daydreaming about fairies and gold pots! Keep them inspired with these other cute Irish-themed St Patricks Day crafts:

Spring is the perfect season for doing decorations and crafts with the kids, the weather gets warmer and the kids are so excited to finally be out which puts everybody in a happier mood! This Lucky Leprechaun Craft is marvellous to get your kids engaged with a St Patricks Day craft activity and having fun for hours!

Scroll down for your printable leprechaun template 

Lucky Leprechaun Craft

leprechaun craft for kids

Lucky Leprechaun Craft Supplies:

  • Lucky leprechaun template
  • Cardstock: brown, green, light green, orange, skin colour and gold glitter
  • Pink pom pom
  • Google eyes
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
  • All-purpose glue

How to make your own Lucky Leprechaun Craft

STEP 1: Print out our free leprechaun template

First, start by printing out the leprechaun template and cutting out the pieces. You can find the template at the bottom of this tutorial. 

leprechaun craft template

STEP 2: Trace template and cut out coloured cardstock

Now it is time to trace around the leprechaun templates onto coloured card. Trace around the large circle template on skin-coloured paper and cut it out.  This will create your leprechauns face. 

Then cut out the large skewed rectangle and rectangle strip from green paper. This is for your leprechauns hat. 

Cut another rectangle strip and LUCKY letters from the orange paper for your leprechauns hair and beard. 

To make the belt for your leprechauns hat cut the smallest strip and smallest square from brown paper. Finally, trace and cut the bigger square from the gold glitter paper for the buckle on the belt.

(see image below) 

Leprechaun paper craft

STEP 3: Assemble the Leprechaun hat

Now it's time to see your leprechaun craft start to come together.  Start by assembling the hat, glue the long green strip to the bottom of the green skewed rectangle. Make the hat’s belt by gluing the small brown square to the gold square, then glue that to the long brown strip.

leprechaun hat template

Glue the belt to the hat and place it on the leprechauns head.

build leprechaun craft

STEP 4: Create the Leprechauns' hair!

You're going to have fun with this next part. It's time to make your leprechauns hair. Take the orange strip and cut slits down the entire length. Give the fringe a little fluff and glue it under the brim of the hat to act as the leprechaun’s hair. 

leprechaun paper hair

STEP 5: Make your lucky leprechauns beard.

This lucky leprechauns beard is extra special! You are going to make the beard by gluing the letters used to make the word LUCKY to the leprechaun’s chin.

TIP: To keep the beard centred, start with the C first. 

lucky leprechaun craft

STEP 6: Give your leprechaun a face

Now it's time to give your leprechaun a cute face by popping on some google eyes and the pom-pom nose. Lastly, put a smile on your leprechaun by drawing on a smile with a black marker and your lucky leprechaun craft is complete!

Lucky leprechaun St Patricks Day craft for kids

The template pieces can also be coloured instead of tracing and cutting coloured cardstock so feel free to get your coloured pencils out and colour away instead. 

Easy St Patricks Day craft


To download this printable leprechaun craft for free click on the link below and add $0. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

leprechaun printable template

And there you have it! An adorable lucky Leprechaun ready to be displayed on the wall or as a decoration for a St. Patrick Day party! Kids will LOVE making this cute St Patricks Day craft. We hope you enjoy making your Lucky Leprechaun Craft just as we did!

Lucky leprechaun craft. A fun and easy St Patricks Day craft for kids.

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