Easter Egg Letter Hunt

This fun Easter Egg Letter Hunt ticks all the boxes! It's super fun, it keeps the kids active and there is a learning element to it too.  Kids love going on hunts and this Easter themed hunt is perfect for kids learning the letters of the alphabet.  It is so important that kids learn to love and enjoy the learning process, not just the outcome and that's why this alphabet Easter egg hunt is a total winner. Thanks to our free alphabet printable it is super simple to set up this fun Easter activity for kids.

Easter egg letter hunt

With Easter coming up we thought it was a great idea to use our little one's obsession with plastic Easter eggs to teach them all about the letters in the alphabet.  This Easter hunt is such a fun and engaging Easter activity for little learners.

We seem to have a HUGE collection of plastic Easter eggs and that collection just gets bigger each year. Here are some more ideas of ways you can use plastic Easter eggs.

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Easter Egg Letter Hunt

Letter Easter egg hunt

Plastic Easter egg letter hunt supplies:

  • Foam sticker letters 
  • Plastic eggs
  • ABC printable (available in uppercase and lowercase)

Scroll down for your alphabet printable 

Easter egg alphabet hunt

Plastic Easter Egg Letter Hunt Instructions:

This Easter egg letter hunt is such a fun, but simple Easter time activity! To start, simply fill-up the plastic Easter eggs with foam sticker letter. Add one letter to each plastic Easter egg, or if you don't have 26 plastic eggs add a few letters to each plastic egg.

alphabet Easter activity for preschoolers

We love using foam sticker letters so that the letters can be stuck straight onto our letter printable, but if you don't have the sticker kind of letters you could always use mini letter magnets or foam letters and stick them to the printable with tape. You could even use small pieces of card with each of the letters written on them.

alphabet Easter activity for kids

Hide the plastic eggs out in the yard (or inside the house) and let the kids go hunting to find the letters. This is the funnest part for them! You could give them an Easter basket each to collect their eggs in. Kids can either work on this hunt individually, as part of a team or even as a race to see who can find all their letters first.

Easter egg hunt ideas

Easter egg hunt for preschoolers

Easter egg hunt

Once they have found an egg they can open it to see what letter they have got. They now have to match the letters they find in their plastic eggs to the letters on the alphabet printable and you can watch them have fun learning!

alphabet activity for kids

letter activity for kids

Getting the kids moving and having fun whilst also learning makes this letter Easter egg hunt the perfect Easter activity for kids. You could mix it up a bit by using numbers, colours or shapes instead of letters. Alternatively you could focus just on the letters in your little ones name.


To download this ABC printable for free click on the link below and add $0. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable alphabet

This Easter egg letter hunt is a fun Easter activity for kids to play outside. Fun and learning is all wrapped up in just one hunt!  We hope you love doing this alphabet Easter activity, we're sure your little ones will be ecstatic!

Easter egg letter hunt for kids. A fun Easter activity with alphabet printable.

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