20 Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

You are going to love these creative tooth fairy ideas! If you have a young child you know the day will come when the tooth fairy needs to pay your home a visit. Losing the first tooth is a fun memory and it is a great way to start a tradition for each time that the tooth fairy comes. If you are wanting to prepare your child for the tooth fairy visiting, or find items that might make it a memorable experience see the items below!

Tooth fairy ideas

As well as browsing through these creative tooth fairy ideas you might like to take your child loosing their first tooth as an opportunity to talk to your child about healthy tooth brushing habits. You could have a go at this dental tooth brushing activity with your child or use our dental health color mixing activity as a starting point for a discussion about dental health. 

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Tooth Fairy Ideas

Make the tooth fairy coming for a visit a magical time in your child's life! Whether your child gets some loose change or a few bills it will be a fun surprise. 

Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillows| Add your child's name to this really fun pillow. Let your child slip their tooth in and fall asleep to wake up to a surprise. 

Tooth Fairy Kit| Comes with thank you notes to give for each tooth lost, a door hanger to place the tooth in and more. 

Wooden Tooth Box| A cute wooden box that can be turned into a keepsake for holding on to each tooth your child loses. 

Tooth Fairy Container| This is a neat little container that your child can put their tooth in the night of the fairy visiting!

The Night Before the Tooth Fairy| A great book to read to your child to let them better understanding how the tooth fairy works!

Lost and Found Pillow| This pillow has a pocket for you to slip in some money for your child and take their tooth.

Loose Tooth Book| This is a first read book that is great for a child who is learning to read. They can learn about the tooth fairy and work on their reading skills.

Tooth Fairy Set for Girls| This is one amazing set that comes with a doll, a keepsake for keeping teeth, and tracking what teeth your child has lost.

Tooth Fairy Set for Boys| Don't think I would skip over the boy set, same as girls just fit for a boy!

How to Catch The Tooth Fairy| This is a fun book to read to teach your child that the tooth fairy is just too fast for them to catch in the act!

What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With Our Teeth?| This is another good book to read when your child is wondering why she wants to come take the teeth.

Twinkle Toof Tooth| Set this out the night your child loses a tooth. Inside they can put their tooth and it lights up to let the tooth fairy find their tooth with ease.

Anna and The Tooth Fairy| A fun book about Anna losing her first tooth and the adventures of the tooth fairy begin.

Tooth Fairy Evidence Kit| Need proof the tooth fairy came, then this kit is a must! They won't second guess who the tooth fairy is again!

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof| Learn about what the traditions are all around the world when it comes to the tooth fairy in this book.

Tooth Fairy Bunny| A fun little plush toy for your child to have to love on and help them to grasp more about the tooth fairy.

Fairy Door| How does the tooth fairy come into your home? Maybe this tooth fairy door is a perfect way for her to enter.

Tooth Trinket Box| This is a cute pink trinket box to store the tooth as a keepsake or use it to hold the tooth. They also have a blue coloured box as well.

Tooth Fairy Pillow| This is a great place to store your child's tooth for the night while they wait for the fairy to come. Plus it is great to keep them from waking trying to get a tooth out from under their pillow.

The Tooth Fairy, Peppa Pig| Peppa lost her first tooth, now what? See what Peppa does to ensure the tooth fairy comes.

20 creative tooth fairy ideas

Which tooth fairy ideas do you think you might try? There are so many fun items it's hard to choose just one!

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