7 Hacks to Make Bath Time Fun for Toddlers

Do you want to make bath time fun? With growing kids, bath time can actually be a huge struggle. And quite frankly, when you’re overwhelmed with the number of tasks you’ve got to do, and are dead tired by the end of the day, having your toddler throw a tantrum over his pre-bedtime bath is one of the last thing you need. To help you out with just that, here’s a little something. Read on to discover 7 super hacks that can make bath time a lot of fun for your little one.

7 hacks to make bathtime fun or kids

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7 Hacks to Make Bath Time Fun for your Toddler

Some toddlers love bath time, others not so much. If your toddler isn't so keen on bath time hopefully some of these ideas will make them start loving it! Whilst these tips are focused on toddlers, they are actually great for older kids too.

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Bathtime fun for toddlers and preschoolers

Colour It!

One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to getting your kid interested in bath time is this- get your hands on some kid-safe dye or go the natural way (with turmeric powder for yellow and beet for pink), and get your little one’s bath water coloured. Got some time on your hands? Try different coloured water to take things up a notch. Try these crayola colour bath dropz.

Bubble Fun

Have you ever come across one of those bubble machines that promise to squirt out bubbles? If you’ve got a little one who absolutely detests bath time, this little trick could work and also add that little wow factor to a bland and boring bath routine. Invest in one for your kid, and be sure to turn it on during your kid’s bath time. If you don't have a bubble machine add lots of bubble bath and have fun with the foam!

Get the Accessories

Another super effective way to get your kid interested in bath time is to get some fun bath accessories for him to play with and explore. Think nail brushes, sponges, loofahs, bath toys and pouring cups. Having these around can actually make him anticipate bath time. Take a look at our list of fun bath toys for kids.

bath time fun

Shampoo Fun

Shampoo time can actually turn out to be a lot of fun for kids, if you do it the right way. Shape your kid’s shampooed hair in different shapes and hairstyles, and have him look at it in a mirror. You can even encourage your kid to try sculpting his shampoo-filled hair on his own and see what he comes up with.

Bath Time Fun for kids

Bring in Some Music

Every once in a while, surprise your toddler with some fun music playing in the background during his bath time. You can pick from a collection of sing along songs or just some songs that have a nice upbeat tune that can get your kid in a happy mood.

Pool Noodle Trick

Got some old pool noodles? Time to put them to some use! Cut them in different shapes and sizes and have them floating around in your kid’s bath water. They can make for wonderful obstacles or fun toys for your kid to play with when he’s not really in the mood to have a bath. Plastic balls can be fun too, and the plastic eggs you get at Easter time.

Bath Time Fun for Toddlers


Last, but definitely not the least, if you’ve got some squirt guns or squirters lying around, get them into the bathroom and let your kid have his fun with them. To add in some more of that fun element, get some bath paints and foam soap! Even if your little one does get messy, it’ll be right inside the bathroom, where cleaning is super easy!

We hope that these 7 super hacks make bath time fun for your toddler.

7 Hacks to Make Bath Time Fun for Toddlers

Make Bath Time Fun for Toddlers

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