Cardboard Gingerbread Man Craft (template included)

Kids will have so much fun making this cute cardboard gingerbread man craft using our printable gingerbread man template. These are such easy Christmas ornaments for kids to make using very few supplies. Scroll down for full instructions for making your own diy gingerbread man ornament and to get your gingerbread man template printable.

Cardboard Gingerbread Man Craft Template

Cardboard ornaments are perfect for young children to make and they look great hanging on the tree. Once toddlers and preschooler get started on making these cute gingerbread man ornaments from recycled cardboard they won't want to stop! Why make one gingerbread man when you could make a whole family of gingerbread people!

Another option for making gingerbread man ornaments is this salt dough gingerbread man

Why not make a cardboard gingerbread house to go with it or use our printable gingerbread house template to make a 3D gingerbread house craft. 

Scroll down for the gingerbread man template printable 

Cardboard Gingerbread Man Craft & Template 

gingerbread man template printable

Gingerbread man craft supplies:

  • Gingerbread man template printable
  • Cardboard
  • Paint, paint pens or markers
  • Ribbon
  • Craft bow tie (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue 

How to make a cardboard gingerbread man ornament:

STEP 1: Prepare gingerbread man craft supplies

If you haven't yet printed out the gingerbread man template scroll down and download it from the bottom of the page. Then prepare all the supplies needed for this gingerbread man craft, it is always so much easier to make crafts with kids if you have everything organised!

Play around with the size of the gingerbread man printable template using your printers settings. 

gingerbread man template

STEP 2: Trace gingerbread man template 

Trace the gingerbread man outline onto recycled cardboard. Carefully cut out the gingerbread man shapes. 

Toddler and preschoolers may need help with this step or to be given thinner paper to cut instead of cardboard. 

gingerbread man craft

STEP 3: Add details to gingerbread man craft

Now for the fun part. It's time to add details to your gingerbread man craft. You can use paint, paint pens or markers. 

TIP: If you are using paint to add the details you can get a perfect dots for the eyes and cheeks etc by dipping a q tip into paint and then onto your gingerbread man. 

Another option is to add the buttons on your gingerbread man using fingerprints like we did on our salt dough gingerbread ornaments.

You might also like to add craft bows or bow ties to your gingerbread people. 

easy gingerbread man craft for kids

STEP 4: Add hanging ribbon

To complete this gingerbread man ornament you will need to add ribbon to the back of the cardboard. Secure the ribbon using glue or tape. 

cardboard gingerbread man craft for kids

STEP 5: Hang on tree

Your gingerbread man ornament is now complete and it is time for you to hang it on the Christmas tree or gift it to a loved one. 

cardboard gingerbread man ornament


To download this gingerbread man template for free click on the link below and use the discount code:gingerbread. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted.

printable gingerbread man template

Easy Christmas craft for kids

Making a gingerbread man ornament isn't the only option for this gingerbread man craft. It would also look super cute stuck to the front of a handmade Christmas card.

Cardboard gingerbread man craft with gingerbread man template printable.

We hope that you have lots of fun making this cardboard gingerbread man craft for kids and that you find the gingerbread man template printable helpful. Enjoy!

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