Frozen Inspired Elsa Paper Doll Craft

Who is ready for another fun FROZEN craft?! Little Frozen fans are going to love this adorable Elsa craft. We have even included an Elsa paper doll template to make it super easy. Just scroll on down for full instructions to make your own Elsa papercraft doll!

Elsa craft

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This Elsa paper craft would make a brilliant ornament if you added ribbon to the top, or a fun stick puppet if you added a craft stick to the bottom!

So what other fun frozen crafts could you make as well as this adorable paper doll Elsa? A frozen themed Elsa wand would be fun, as would making paper snowflakes!

Younger children may need a little help with this paper doll craft, but they will be so proud of their paper Elsa doll when it is finished and they will love playing with it or displaying it for all to see! It would be so much fun to make this Elsa craft after watching the new Frozen movie.

Frozen Inspired Craft - Elsa Papercraft Doll

Elsa craft - papercraft doll with template

Elsa Craft Supplies:

  • Coloured craft papers
  • Sequins
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

How to make an Elsa paper doll

STEP 1: Prepare your craft paper

For this Elsa craft you will need the paper doll template available at the bottom of the page. Print out the template and use it to prepare all the pieces to make your paper craft.

You will need yellow craft paper for the hair, baby blue and a lighter shade of blue for the different parts of the dress; and cream coloured craft paper for the body.

Trace the patterns from the template on the selected craft papers. Cut out the traced patterns (as shown below). For younger children it would be a good idea to prepare all the cut out pieces in advance.

How to make a paper doll Elsa

STEP 2: Prepare Elsa's hair

Take the hair cutout and the template. Trace the red pattern marked on the hair template onto your hair cutout. Cut a slit along the pattern, making sure to keep the hair cutout intact on both sides of the slit. Adults will need to do this step for younger children. 

Elsa paper doll craft

STEP 3: Add Elsa's hair

Grab the body cutout and slide the top end of the head through the slit on the hair. The bottom side of the hair should remain on the back and the top side of the hair should be placed on the front of the head part.  (see image below)

Elsa paper doll craft inspired by frozen

STEP 4: Make Elsa's dress

Time to put the pretty clothes on! Attach the top part of the dress on the top side of the body cutout. 

Frozen Elsa craft

Then attach the paper dress to the Elsa body cutout. 

Frozen craft for kids

To finish Elsa's dress take the bottom part of the dress and create accordion folds on it.

Paper doll craft - Frozen Elsa

Adjust the width of the top (smaller side) side of the accordion folded paper to the width of the Elsa paper doll's waist. Attach the accordion folded pattern on the paper Elsa doll.

STEP 5: Draw Elsa's face

Take a fine black marker and draw on Elsa's face. You might want to draw her facial features in pencil first to check you are happy with them before tracing over them with your marker. Use pink paper to add cheeks. 

Frozen craft with paper doll template

STEP 6: Make Elsa's cape

Trace and cut out the teardrop patterns from blue craft papers. These will make the cape for Elsa’s dress.
Elsa cape template

Glue the small teardrop shape on the front of the big teardrop shape. Attach them on the back side of the Elsa papercraft doll.

Elsa craft inspired by frozen movie

STEP 7: Finalise your Elsa craft

Your Elsa paper doll is now complete, but adding sequins, faux pearl beads or any kind of decorative craft item will add to the fun and make your papercraft doll look prettier! 

Frozen craft - Elsa paper doll craft


To download this Elsa template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: paperdoll. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted.

Elsa paper doll template

We hope you have fun making this adorable Elsa craft using our paper doll template. Kids of all ages will love making their own Elsa paper craft! Have fun! 

Frozen craft ideas -- Elsa craft with paper doll template

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