DreamBox Review - The Ultimate Craft Room Storage!

Have you heard of the DreamBox by Create Room (previously -The Original ScrapBox)? This craft room storage solution is a crafters DREAM! I was lucky enough to be sent a DreamBox to organise all our art and craft supplies. WOW!!!! This craft cabinet is something special! I have seriously never been so organised, I TOTALLY LOVE IT!

DreamBox by The Original ScrapBox review

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DreamBox review

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Before the arrival of our DreamBox, we had art and craft supplies all over the place. They were pilled high in every corner of the house and (as you might imagine) we could never find what we wanted when we needed it. The amount of times that I have repurchased supplies thinking we don't have them, when actually they are just hidden under all our other supplies, is ridiculous.

When it came to filling up our DreamBox I couldn't believe how many supplies we actually had! The DreamBox is the perfect storage solution for anybody with piles of craft supplies. There is so much space! Having everything organised means we can spend our time creating and having fun rather than hunting for what we need.

original ScrapBox DreamBox review

Take a look at this short video of our DreamBox in use!

What is the DreamBox by Create Room? (previously The Original ScrapBox)

Put simply, the DreamBox is a compact storage space that can be folded away. It is on wheels and the table and doors fold in on themselves so any mess or clutter can be hidden away!

The DreamBox holds so much stuff! The shelves and clear totes mean there is a space for all your supplies and everything is within easy reach.

You can decide where you want to put the shelves and totes which makes this a truly customisable work space. The pre drilled holes means it is easy to move the shelves or add more if your crafting needs change.

DreamBox storage UK review

The shelves on the doors of the craft cabinet have plastic runners to stop your supplies falling out when the DreamBox is moved.

The fold down table is a good size that can be used at standing or sitting height. It is big enough for myself and my 3 kids to gather around it to do our activities, but you can add additional side tables if you want even more workspace.

DreamBox craft room storage review

DreamBox craft cabinet review

There is a space under the table in the middle of the DreamBox that can be used to store larger items that you need to have to hand. We have used this space to store our larger bottles of paint, our playdough and some of our supplies for sensory play.

There is a small cut out hole above the fold out table that you can fit a plug through if you want to use any equipment that needs plugging in. I have decided to keep that space clear for now so we have somewhere to keep any unfinished projects that we want to return to.

There is an option to add a crown piece with a light to your DreamBox. I would totally recommend doing this. This light is amazing. It is so bright and it lights up the crafting space perfectly. I love the look of the crown piece too, it makes the craft cabinet look extra special!

DreamBox craft cabinet UK review

How many totes come with the DreamBox?

You can select 40 or 80 totes to be included with your DreamBox. We went with the package that had 80 totes and we have used most of them. The totes come in 3 different sizes and they fit the shelves perfectly. The totes are really easy to take out a replace, (easy enough for a 1 year old to do it!)

There are dividers that you can slide into the totes if you want to separate your supplies. This can be handy if you want to separate colours or have lots of smaller items.

DreamBox totes UK review

We have mainly used our smaller thinner totes for markers, crayons, paint brushes and our smaller craft supplies like pieces of fabric or craft sticks.

DreamBox review- craft room storage solution

DreamBox review- craft cabinet storage solution

Smaller items can be added to the clear jars that are included. These look great stored on the door shelves, but they also fit nicely in the totes.

craft room storage ideas

The deeper totes fit so much stuff inside them! As well as filling our totes with art and craft supplies we have room to add all the supplies we need for our sensory activities.

kids rooms storage ideas

There is no need to add labels (unless you want them) as you can see what is inside each of the totes. I love that they are clear and that I can see at a glance exactly what we have, but I have noticed lots of people like to cover the front of their totes in different papers to add a pop of colour to their DreamBox.

As well as clear totes the DreamBox comes with metal rods which can be used to store tapes or ribbon. There are also some hooks provided to hang scissors etc on.

craft storage solutions

I love having so many totes as it means there are some spare for us to store our finished crafts in as well as those we are working on.

creative space ideas - DreamBox

Where did we put our DreamBox?

As much as I would love a dedicated craft room, we don't have space for one in our house. We do however have a playroom. The kids love their playroom (especially Ollie who is only aged 1), so I don't want to do away with the playroom just yet. Instead I have created a multi purpose room. The room is quite small, but it fits our DreamBox, 2 large storage shelves for toys, a play kitchen and a small children's table and chairs.

DreamBox Review - The Ultimate Craft Room Storage

Most of the time I close up the DreamBox and the children use the room to play in, but when we want to do crafts or activities that use the supplies in our DreamBox we open it up. If Ollie was older I would be tempted to leave it open all the time as I love how the DreamBox looks open and the ease of getting to all our supplies, but if I did that right now Ollie would have all the totes emptied all over the floor!

I love that when the DreamBox is closed any mess is shut away! It is easy to open and close the DreamBox when it's craft time, but the children wouldn't be able to open it themselves, which is definitely a benefit in my eyes. (We have our DreamBox on carpet, I'm guessing it would be easier to open and close it on a wooden or tiled floor)

Who is the DreamBox for?

The DreamBox is every crafters DREAM! I love spending my time painting and making things so you can just imagine how excited I was to get our DreamBox and start filling it with craft supplies. I love sitting at the fold out table to work knowing how organised and accessible everything is! It really makes the crafting experience so much more enjoyable if you don't have to waste time hunting for everything you need!

I also use my DreamBox as a desk. The fold down table is a good size and height and I have made a space for all my files and notebooks. It is a really relaxing space to sit in and work.

DreamBox Review - The Ultimate Craft Cabinet Storage

The kids are as impressed with the DreamBox as I am, especially Daisy (aged 5)! She LOVES being able to see all the paints and glitters so she can choose the supplies she needs for her latest projects. The fold out table is a great size which means all the kids can fit around it and craft together.

DreamBox Review - The Ultimate Craft Storage Ideas

Anybody that loves crafting, sewing or just generally being organised will love this storage space. It is compact, but it fits so much inside it!

The DreamBox gets a big thumbs up from us! This craft room storage solution is any crafter dream!!!!

DreamBox Review - Craft storage ideas UK

Remember, use coupon code MESSYLITTLEMONSTER when checking out for $100 off your DreamBox!

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DreamBox Review. This craft cabinet is a dream! A true craft room storage solution

The DreamBox is the ultimate craft room storage solution! It is more than just a craft cabinet, it is a creative space that can be used by all the family! Everything is organised and accessible, which means your time can be spent creating rather than hunting for supplies!

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