Nativity Ornaments

These nativity ornaments are SOOOOO cute and lots of fun for kids! Christmas crafts for kids like this nativity craft are perfect for getting children thinking about the first Christmas. We have included a free printable to help guide you in making these nativity ornaments. We have included Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in a stable, but feel free to add more figures from the nativity story! Follow the step by step directions below to make your very own nativity ornament!

Nativity ornaments. Christmas crafts for kids

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Nativity ornaments. Christmas crafts for kids. Nativity craft.

These nativity ornaments would be great to make after reading a nativity story or going to a church event for kids. Kids will LOVE putting together this nativity craft. If you're on the hunt for some fun Christmas craft for kids - this is a great option and a bit different to all the Santa and Christmas tree crafts out there!

Nativity Ornaments

Supplies needed for your nativity ornaments

  • Felt fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pencil or pen (to trace the template)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Directions to make your nativity ornaments

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, make sure you have all your supplies gathered up to make this craft easy! Scroll down below to download the template if you haven't grabbed that already.

Nativity ornaments.

STEP 2: Prepare the patterns

To get started, prepare your pieces of felt by cutting out and tracing the template onto your felt fabrics of choice. This is a GREAT craft for leftover scrap fabrics! 

This template includes the following pieces:

  • Ornament base - 2 large round shapes 
  • Ground/bottom of scene - 1 semi circular shape 
  • Roof - 2 strips 
  • Baby Jesus - 1 oval shape and 1 circular shape 
  • Mary - 1 circular shape, 1 arch shape, 1 cane pattern 
  • Joseph - 1 circular shape, 1 small arch, 1 big arch, beard shape, mustache shape

Christmas crafts for kids.

STEP 3: Assemble baby Jesus, Mary, and Joesph

Once you've cut out all the shapes from the template, it's time to start assembling! Start by gluing the circle shape on the oval shape to form a baby Jesus. Then, glue the circular shape on the arch shape for Mary. 

Next, glue the small arch on the top end of the big arch cut out to form Joesph. Attach the beard and mustache cut outs on the circle cut out. Lastly, attach the cane shape to Mary and the head pattern to Joesph.

Nativity craft.

STEP 4: Add finishing touches to baby Jesus, Mary, and Joesph

To finish off the baby Jesus, Mary, and Joesph, draw the eyes and lips using black marker on all of them. Then, prepare a needle with black thread and complete a back stitch along the black markings.

Nativity ornaments. Christmas crafts for kids. Nativity craft.

STEP 5: Assemble the nativity ornament

Once you have finished assembling the baby Jesus, Mary, and Joesph, it's time to assemble the nativity ornament! Start by gluing the semi circular shape to the bottom side of one of the large round shapes - making sure to line up the curved ends.

Next, attach the two strips on the opposite sides to create the roof of the stable as shown below.

Nativity ornament craft.

STEP 6: Attach baby Jesus, Mary, and Joesph to the ornament

Now prepare the hot glue gun and attach each of the figures on the ornament in the arrangement as shown below.

easy sewing projects. nativity ornaments.

STEP 7: Complete the final touches

To finish off your nativity ornament, cut a small piece of burlap string and fold it in half and then glue it to the remaining large round shape as shown below. 

how to make nativity ornaments

Glue this piece to the back of the nativity scene you've already created. Be sure to apply glue around the sides to secure them in place. 

Nativity ornament. Christmas crafts for kids


To download this nativity template for free add $0 and click on the 'I want this' box below. It may take a moment for the page to load so please be patient. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted.

Get the nativity ornament template

Nativity ornaments. An easy sewing project and fun nativity craft. Christmas crafts for kids.

We hope you enjoyed making this nativity ornament! This is such a fun Christmas craft for kids as it helps engage them with the story of baby Jesus while doing something crafty and fun. Be sure to check out these nativity fine motor worksheets!

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