Must Have Baby Keepsakes - treasure the memories forever!

If you have a newborn or a baby on the way take a look at this must have list of baby keepsake ideas. From fun belly stickers to use for taking pictures of your baby each month to the best baby books and baby plaster kits, there is something here to suit all tastes and budgets. Babies grow far too quickly so it's lovely to have a few baby keepsakes to look back on or to give to your child when they are grown up and have their own children. All of these baby milestone and baby keepsake products would make adorable baby gifts. 

Must have baby keepsake products for new parents. 20 newborn baby and first year keepsake ideas and personalised baby gifts to buy. Treasure the memories forever!

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With a newborn in the house I have been busy looking back at the keepsakes that I have kept from Harry (aged 6) and daisy (aged 3) and wondering what to do for our new little bundle. It's is lovely to look at the baby books and tiny baby foot casts to remember how tiny the older two once were. 

I am a little obsessed with making homemade keepsakes and have so many DIY handprint, footprint and fingerprint keepsakes that I love to look back on. 

Something that I didn't buy or make for Harry and Daisy that I love are the milestone cards that can be used to document the important moments from the first smile to the first time sitting up and walking. Take a look at the printable baby milestone cards which we made for Oliver. 

Having ways to document all those precious moments is something most parents love to document. Below are some amazing ways to document and have baby keepsakes for your sweet bundle of joy. You might like to take a look at our list of unique gift ideas for babies too! 

20 baby keepsakes and baby milestone products

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Foot Prints| Did you know you can buy inkless kits to make handprint and footprints of your baby? It really shows how tiny they once were. The first handprint and footprints that you have taken of your baby are so precious and make adorable baby keepsakes. (Take a lok at our tips for getting the perfect baby footprint)

Birth Certificate| I love this engraved birth certificate holder to make sure the birth certificate is kept extra safe.

Newspaper| Pick up a newspaper from the day your child was born, this is a great way for them to see the current events that took place on the day they were born.

Baby Time Capsule| Create a time capsule for your sweet little baby so when they get older they can open it up and look through what you have inside. You could fill it will all kinds of baby keepsakes to treasure.

First Haircut| Some parents love to save back a few strands of hair from their child's first haircut, this is a great way for them to see the colour of their hair. Store their hair in this little container

Nappies / Diapers|
One thing I think is special is saving back a newborn nappy from the first pack you use. It is a great way to really see how tiny they were when they were first born.

Teeth| Some parents love to save each and every tooth that their child loses, this tooth holder helps keep it all in place.

Personalized Plush Blanket| If you love having your child's name on a blanket, consider ordering this nice plush one. It is soft and cozy and you can tuck away for safe keeping once they grow up. Baby keepsakes that are useful like this would make brilliant baby gifts.

Milestone Blanket| These milestone blankets are so popular right now and I can see why. You can document precious baby memories by the week, month or year. You simply lay your baby on the blanket and then circle the month day or year before snapping a photograph of your child.

Milestone Age Blocks| If maybe a blanket isn't your go-to, then check out these fun baby milestone blocks to take a picture to capture how many months old the baby is.

Monthly Milestone stickers| Another alternative to the baby milestone blocks or a baby milestone blanket is to use fun belly stickers to record monthly achievements.

Milestone Photo Cards| These milestone cards are one of my favourite baby keepsake ideas. Use the set of 30 cards to photograph your babies memorable moments in weeks and months (or use our printable baby milestone cards).

First Year Calendar| The first time your baby rolls over, sits up, eats solids you can track it all in this fun first year calendar!

Chalkboard Baby Sign| Share your babies age, milestones and their favourite things on a chalkboard sign. It is great to have all the information on one board to take a picture of to share with friends and family.

Baby Memory Book| Here is a book where you can document how you and your family feelabout your new arrival, baby milestones, memories, and more for you to look back on for generations.

Ornament Kit| With a baby, nothing is as special as those first times. Get this first christmas ornament making kit to create a hand or footprint of your child's first Christmas using a special air drying impression material. You could also make your own diy keepsake ornaments. We have loads of ideas for you to look through!

Stuffed Animal| I love when little toddlers have a stuffed animal that they are attached to and can grow up loving it. Saving back your child's favourite stuffed animal or snuggly makes for a great keepsake.

Security Blanket| Having a blanket that can become your child's security blanket can be amazing too. I do suggest buying at least two so that if the first one gets really worn or lost you do have a replacement. (I say this after witnessing the upset of loosing a special blanket or snuggy on several occassions!)

Baby Shoes| Hold on to that first pair of shoes you slip on your little one's feet. It is amazing to remeber how tiny they are!

Growth Chart| Capture all those height changes over the year on this adorable little ruler. A baby keepsake that can grow with your child.

Hand Plaster Kit| Capture your child's tiny hands or feet for a lifetime with this kit. These casts preserve every precious detail to create a one of a kind keepsake to treasure. I have made these with all three children and I love them so much.

Letters for When They Grow Up| This neat booklet allows you to write letters to your child so that when they are older they can read funny and sweet stories that you wrote personally for them.

Keepsake Portfolio| Keep all those adorable paintings and drawings your child makes over the years in this portfolio! 

Must have baby keepsake products for new parents. 20 newborn baby and first year keepsake ideas and personalised baby gifts to buy. Treasure the memories forever!

I'm sure that there were more than a few of these must have baby keepsakes that have caught your eye! I love them all. One or two of these adorable baby milestone or keepsake products would make an amazing new baby gift for a baby boy or girl! 

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