Must Have Rainbow Toys and Books

If you are looking for rainbow themed items for your toddler or preschooler you are in luck. We have gathered a list of 20 awesome items from toys to books that any kid who loves rainbows will fall head over heels in love with. 

Rainbow themed toys and books for toddler and preschoolers. Kids will love these must have rainbow items.

We love rainbow crafts and activities as they are so bright and colourful, so we decided to take the rainbow theme one step further and take a look for some Rainbow themed books and toys. 

Whether you are wanting rainbow themed toys for your child's birthday, to decorate their room in a rainbow theme, or looking for rainbow books to read before bed, you will love this list. Anything that is bright and bold really draws in little kids so why not give them what they want! Even adults can't get enough of rainbows these days. 

You might also want to take a look at our footprint rainbow butterfly or rainbow spin art flowers if you are looking for a fun rainbow craft idea, they are both adorable!

Rainbow Toy and Book Ideas for Your Toddler or Preschooler

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10 Must-Have Rainbow Books

A Rainbow of My Own| In this book a little boy imagines what it would be like if he had his own rainbow to play with! 

Elmer and The Rainbow| Elmer is on the hunt for a rainbow with the help of his friends, check out what happens in this colourful adventure. 

The Rainbow Fish| This book is so popular as it really draws in your child with the stunning pictures, glittery pages, and vibrant colors. 

What Makes a Rainbow| In this colourful book you will see what goes into making a rainbow. It's a fun way of learning colours that will entice your child. 

Chasing Rainbows| Cat in the Hat takes you on one fun adventure with Sally and Nick! 

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow| The crayons work together to help bring the cloud and sun together and work through things. Can they help save the day? You have to read to see what happens. (You could also make your on DIY rainbow crayons!) 

My Color Is Rainbow| In this book, you learn about kindness, acceptance and openness. Little white arch meets lots of colours who teach him that we are not defined by one characteristic, but many. 

Swatch| An adventurous book where Swatch, a girl is on the hunt to catch all the colours because she loves them so much. Although the colours aren't that thrilled about being tamed.

Planting A Rainbow| This fun book teaches your child that planting flowers will give you an array of colours just like a rainbow in the sky.

Rainbow Colors Peekaboo| A book full of all the colours of the rainbow. This peekaboo book is great for toddlers and will make them laugh.

10 Rainbow Toys

Wooden Rainbow Camera| A kaleidoscope camera that your child can look through and see the beautiful colours of the rainbow all transformed into fun shapes.

Grimms Wooden Rainbow| Cut from a single slice of wood this vibrant rainbow is made up of 12 slices for your child to use to create fences, beds, bridges and tunnels before stacking it back into a rainbow. (There is also a smaller 6 slice version)

Rainbow Wood Sound Stacker Toy| This dog is full of colour and lets your child learn to stack in a colourful and creative way.

Rainbow Counting Bears and Sorting Cups| Let your child match the colour bears to the correct cups to help learn the colours of the rainbow. You can even count the bears.

Rainbow sound blocks| This 7 piece rainbow block toy is perfect for toddlers exploring sounds and colour. The colourful blocks are hollow and each block makes a different sound. 

Rainbow Nuts and Bolts Set| Great fine motor activity to let your child work on twisting the nuts and bolts together in a colourful way.

Lacing and String Beading Set| This is a really fun set where your child works at stringing the beads. The beads are bright and bold colours. They are large beads in 7 different shapes to help your child grow and learn.  

Rock N Stack Rainbow Toy| Let your little one learn to stack the circles onto the peg, in a fun colourful way.

Rainbow Book Ends| Use these adorable wooden bookends to hold up all your child's fun books, especially your rainbow books like the ones above.

Dance Ribbon Set| Let your child dance and enjoy the music and wave these rainbow ribbons through the air to create a fun and creative form of art.

Rainbow Magnetic Blocks| These blocks are unique, stack and create fun shapes, animals, and more!

Rainbow Wooden Block Puzzle| Let your child build and create whatever their mind comes up with these rainbow wooden building blocks.

Rainbow themed toys and books for toddler and preschoolers. Kids will love these must have rainbow items.

So the important question is what are you going to take a look at first? Maybe you want to start collecting a few rainbow items, or maybe you would prefer to do some rainbow crafts and activities

We love doing the skittles rainbow experiment, playing with rainbow coloured spaghetti and painting on bread using edible rainbow paint. 

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