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With Christmas just around the corner, the most magical time of the year for little children everywhere begins! Harry and Daisy have just received letters by official reindeer post inviting them to Father Christmas' secret toy factory at LaplandUK.  We just have to follow the simple directions in the letters "0 degrees North, 20 degrees west' to get to the enchanted forest. 

LaplandUK- A magical Christmas day out for kids

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This Christmas hopes and dreams know no bounds as big and small folk are welcomed to travel along secret pathways, uncover the hidden Elven village, and help Father Christmas’s Elves make toys for the children of the world.

LaplandUK- A magical Christmas day out for kids

Click to read our review of our day at Lapland UK. We also have an updated Lapland UK review.

Tucked away in the heart of The Crown Estate in Ascot, LaplandUK, the ‘secret in the forest’, will open its magical door to Lapland this November. 

Elf Passports are waiting for children personally invited by Father Christmas to be stamped along a 3.5 hour mystical immersive journey where small folk make toys, decorate gingerbread with Mother Christmas, go ice skating, meet huskies and reindeer, write letters at the Elves post office and finally enjoy a personalised meeting with Father Christmas in his snowy woodland home.

LaplandUK- A magical Christmas day out for kids

Now in its 9th year, pioneering LaplandUK has redefined what it means to visit Father Christmas in the UK, employing Hollywood set designers and West End performers to deliver an award-winning and immersive theatrical experience.

For founders Mike and Alison Battle the premise is simple:

“When we began LaplandUK in 2007 we were parents to four young boys and wanted to create a truly magical experience that reflected the value we placed in our children’s fleeting belief in Father Christmas. Nine years on the ambition remains the same and we are thrilled the public shares our values with this subject and that families will enjoy the magic of Christmas at LaplandUK”

LaplandUK- A magical Christmas day out for kids

The event has enchanted over 300,000 visitors and received national and international acclaim. Celebrities and royals alike including Sir Elton John & family, Victoria & David Beckham and the royal grandchildren have all fallen under the spell of the magic of LaplandUK.

We can't wait to get involved in the magic of laplandUK for the day and we will be back to share our experiences in a review after our visit.

Tickets are now on sale from
LaplandUK, Whitmoor Forest, Swinley Rd, Ascot SL5 8BD.

About LaplandUK
LaplandUK began in 2007 6, when husband and wife team Mike and Alison Battle , frustrated with the UK Christmas offering available to their 4 young sons, developed the original and innovative idea of recreating Father Christmas’ mythical Arctic homeland here in the UK.

Now in its tenth year, award-winning LaplandUK has entranced and captivated thousands of young children receiving national and international acclaim together with royal and celebrity patronage for its unique Christmas experience. Described by Mumsnet founder Carrie Longton as ‘the Rolls Royce of Christmas experiences’, LaplandUK is regularly featured on national TV and in the press and is widely regarded as the company putting the magic back into Christmas.

LaplandUK will open on Saturday 19th November and close on Christmas Eve 2016.
Tours will depart from 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Thank you to Lapland UK for sending us tickets to visit Father Christmas's secret toy factory at Lapland UK. We can't wait to visit and share our review. 

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