Make your own DIY Snowman Mug

Make and personalise a DIY snowman mug this winter. I love the simplicity of these homemade mugs and adding a name to each mug makes them feel really personalised.  Have fun experimenting with different designs! 

Make your own snowman mug

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I wanted to make over 30 DIY gifts for the children in my classroom, so I needed a simple but effective craft and this mug was perfect!  

These homemade snowman mugs make great gifts, but they would also be really fun for older kids to make themselves. You could make them as Christmas gifts or as part of a winter or snow themed project. 

Another fun mug decorating idea that we have tried was making a DIY heart scribble mug.  This design was really easy, perfect for a younger child. 

The type of pens you use to make DIY mugs is really important.

What can I use to write on ceramic mugs? 

The best pens to use are oil based porcelaine paint pens. In order for porcelaine paint pens to become permanent you need to bake the design on in your oven. (There are full instructions on the back of the suggested pens)

Can I use regular sharpies on mugs? 

The answer to this question is yes you can, but your design won't last! Over time even baked on regular sharpie designs will wear away. If you want your mug to be washable you need to use porcelaine paint pens. 

DIY Snowman Mug

diy mug snowman

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DIY Snowman Mug - Supplies

(You may prefer to buy a full set of porcelaine pens so you have a variety of colours for other projects)

If you are making these mugs as gifts putting them in these snowman cellophane bags makes them look extra special.

personalized diy mugs

How to make a personalised DIY snowman mug:

  1. Wash and dry your mug.
  2. Draw a snowman face using your porcelaine pens.
  3. Personalise with a name.
  4. Fire the mug in your oven following the instructions on your pen. 
  5. Enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate in your new mug. 

easy snowman craft- diy mug

That's it! Making your own mug is a lot easier than you would think and if you keep the design simple you can make a lot of mugs in a short space of time. 

How to make your own mug - diy snowman mug

Older kids will love making these snowman diy mugs. I'm sure they could be really creative with their designs! They are great as gifts for kids too, any child would love a diy snowman mug with their name on ready for their hot chocolate!  Why not make some hot chocolate bombs to go with them! 

Make your own diy snowman mug. Easy snowman craft for kids.

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