Painting with Biscuit Cutters

Painting with biscuit cutters is such a simple painting technique but so much fun.  Kids will love the process of stamping biscuit cutters into paint and then onto paper. This post forms parts of a 35 day painting challenge where the focus is on the painting process.  To find out more about the other 34 painting techniques click here

You will need: 

Biscuit cutters

Painting with biscuit cutters

Today we choose to paint onto small pieces of paper but this process is great for creating wrapping paper if you want to work on a larger scale. Harry choose a butterfly cutter and red paint for his painting. 

He carefully used the biscuit cutter to print each butterfly making sure they didn't overlap (and he decided to name each butterfly as he printed them). Personally I quite like the effect of the shapes overlapping, but that wasn't what Harry had planned today. Using a few colours can also look really effective. 

We made several pages of prints and then we decided to do some fingerprinting on some of the butterflies.  

This is such a simple activity but we had lots of fun.  Click on the image below to see the other 34 painting techniques from the painting challenge. 

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