Personalised Photo Frame

These photo frames can be made using any collage material and each frame is different which makes them truly personalised.  They make perfect presents for family who always love kid made gifts.

All you need is a cheap photo frame and some things to stick onto it (and some glue!).  We opted for sticky letters, wooden hearts and pom poms. 

I took the glass out of the frame and left Harry with the wooden part for him to get creative with.  I helped him use sticky letters to write peoples names across the top of the frame and then I left him with the hearts and pom poms to do his own design. 

He enjoyed sticking the pom poms and hearts to the frame and kept telling me how much everybody was going to love them (which they did!)

When he had finished and it had all dried I popped a picture inside and our little photo frame gifts were ready to be wrapped. 

Harry: Age 3

Do you know anybody that would love a personalised photo frame?

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