Winter Wonderland Playdough

Make a simple winter wonderland from playdough and natural objects. Using our FREE PRINTABLE print out and laminate snowmen to play in this sensory small world. Sparkly 'snow' adds a finishing touch to the wintery scene. A perfect activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

make a playdough winter wonderland, snowman playdough invitation to play.  Sensory small world for toddlers, preschoolers, early years, eyfs

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Winter Snow Playdough

To make a playdough winter wonderland you will need:

invitation to play: playdough winter wonderland small world

Invitation to play: A playdough winter wonderland

I set up the playdough along with laminated snowmen, pine cones, Christmas tree cuttings and stones and then I invited Harry to create his own winter scene.

Playdough winter activity for kids

We flattened the playdough to make the snow and then Harry started pushing the pine cones and branches into the 'snow' as trees. 

How to build a winter small world with playdough

Once he was happy with his trees he neatly lined up some of the snowmen, added some stone snowballs and........

Snowman printable for playdough

.......... then it started snowing glitter!

Snowman activity: playdough winter wonderland

Harry was really proud of his winter wonderland......

winter wonderland snowman invitation to play

and decided to make a couple of extra snowman (click here to see how we made them and get the printable snowman accessories).

Build a winter snowman usingplaydough

Harry:Age 3

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Make a playdough winter wonderland small world.  FREE SNOWMAN PRINTABLE, sensory invitation to play for toddlers, preschoolers, early years, eyfs, kids

What will you add to your playdough winter wonderland?


  1. I love the snowman - it really made me smile! Harry was very controlled with the glitter - impressed!

    1. I love his snowmen too :-) He used the whole pot of glitter (but it was half empty when i gave it to him!)


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