Counting Snowmen

Harry is at Pre School and learning how to count and recognise numbers.  This activity is a simple hands on way of learning to count and recognise numbers to 5 using playdough.

I made some white sparkly playdough by adapting this basic microwave recipe.  I swapped half the flour for cornflour (corn starch) to make the playdough whiter and added some glitter after it had been in the microwave. 

We cut out 5 big circles and 5 small circles from the playdough using biscuit cutters and made them into snowmen.  

Then Harry got his number magnets from the fridge.  He told me what each number was and then we put them in order together.  We put one number under each snowman. 

I gave Harry some buttons and told him he needed to look at the number below each snowman to find out how many buttons he would need. 

Harry gave each snowman the correct number of buttons and then  gave the snowmen some faces using buttons and some carrot noses which I made for our playdough snowmen (with free printable accessories)

Here are our completed Snowmen.  Harry was really pleased with them and has asked several times if we can do this activity again. 

Harry surprised me with how well he did this activity. I think next time we will use numbers to 10!

Harry: Age 3

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