Salt Dough Snowman Christmas Tree Decorations

We have been busy making these gorgeous little salt dough snowman Christmas tree decorations. These snowman ornaments were really simple to make and we had a great time decorating them. If you are looking for an easy Christmas craft for toddlers or preschoolers then this is the perfect craft for you! 

salt dough snowman Christmas tree decorations

These snowman ornaments are made from salt dough. We love making salt dough ornaments (check out our full collection!) as they last for years if they are stored correctly and they are easy to make. 

These salt dough snowman ornaments are extra special as they can be completely designed and created by very young children. There is no right or wrong way to decorate the snowmen decorations. 

How to Make Your Salt Dough Snowman Christmas Tree Ornaments

Before starting this snowman craft you will need to make some salt dough. You can use the recipe below or head over to our salt dough recipe page for the full recipe and tips on how to make and store salt dough. 

salt dough recipe to make salt dough snowman ornament

Once you have mixed up your salt dough it is time to set the table up ready for your toddler or preschooler. Set out the salt dough you have just made alongside a snowman cookie cutter and a selection of items to decorate the snowmen. 

Press the snowman cookie cutter into the salt dough to make snowman shapes. 

salt dough snowman cookie cutter

Now have fun decorating the salt dough snowmen. Press the items into the salt dough and then make a hole in the top of the salt dough snowmen by pushing a straw through the dough. 

decorate salt dough snowmen

salt dough snowman ornament

Then leave the salt dough decorations to dry (for a couple of days).

As the salt dough dries a few decorations may fall off, but if this happens you can just glue them back into place.

Once the salt dough decorations are dry tie on some ribbon and they are ready for hanging on the Christmas tree.

salt dough snowman christmas tree decorations

We also used our leftover salt dough to have fun making a snow owl and a melted snowman! I love it when young children come up with their own cute ideas like this!

salt dough ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

We hope that you have fun making these salt dough snowman ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree. If you want to try another snowman craft check out our cotton snowman which is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 


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