Snowman Christmas Tree Decorations

We have been busy making these gorgeous little snowmen decorations.  They were really simple to make and Harry had a great time decorating them. 

We mixed up some salt dough using this recipe. 
I set up the table with salt dough, a snowman biscuit cutter and a selection of things to decorate the snowmen with. 

Harry used the cutter to make some snowmen.....

.......had fun decorating them, and left them to dry (for a couple of days). I made a hole in the top of each of his decorations by pushing a straw though the dough.

 As the salt dough dried a few of the pom poms and the ribbon fell off but we just glued them back on. Once the decorations were dry I tied on some ribbon and they were ready for hanging on the tree. 

Harry also had fun making a snow owl and a melted snowman! I love it when he comes up with his own cute ideas like this!

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    1. Haha, me too! He had made a lovely snowman but found it really funny squashing it and telling me it was a melted snowman! haha


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