Christmas Fine Motor Skills

This Christmas themed pom pom activity was perfect for developing Harry's fine motor skills. 

For this activity I cut a snowflake and tree shape from felt and gave Harry some coloured pom poms and tweezers, (which are brilliant for helping pre schoolers strengthen their hands ready for writing.) 


This is the first time Harry has used tweezers and he was very pleased with his new 'toy'. He had to use his finger muscles to squeeze the tweezers to pick up the pom poms and move them to the tree or snowflake.  He found this quite hard (especially with the smaller pom poms) so he also used his fingers to move some of the pom poms. 

"mmmmmmm what next"

Harry was very pleased with his design and didn't want me to move the pom poms so he could do it again.  Instead he went off around the house with his tweezers to see what else he could find to pick up. 

This activity would also be brilliant for counting (but Harry decided he didn't fancy counting today!)

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