Cardboard Gingerbread House Craft

As we wrap up the gifting season of Christmas, what better time to make a gingerbread house from cardboard? This cardboard gingerbread house craft is soooo cute that kids of all ages will love this activity (and adults too!). It is the perfect way to use up all the cardboard from shipping boxes lying around. It's super easy to make, too! Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own DIY cardboard gingerbread house!

Cardboard gingerbread house craft
If you have more cardboard lying around the house that you need to use, you might also want to try this 3d cardboard gingerbread house!

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Cardboard gingerbread house

A gingerbread house craft is such a fun craft to make at this time of year. It is especially fun when you add in glitter and cardboard. I know we all have lots of boxes lying around with all the holiday online ordering and there's no better way to put that to good use! Making a gingerbread house from cardboard is the perfect solution.

These can become adorable ornaments, magnets, or just a diy cardboard gingerbread house you use as a decoration. It's great for keeping kids busy, too. Just be careful with toddlers and preschoolers as they can make a big mess very quickly!

Scroll down to get started making your cardboard gingerbread house.

Gingerbread house craft

Gingerbread house from cardboard

Gingerbread house craft supplies

  • cardboard
  • white paint marker
  • craft glue
  • white glitter
  • scissors
  • small cardboard box (optional)

How to make a DIY cardboard gingerbread house

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies

Before you get started on your gingerbread house craft, make sure you have everything you need in front of you. 

For pouring glitter, I highly suggest having some small cardboard boxes on hand to pour the glitter over. Any size with short sides so it keeps the glitter contained works great.

Cardboard gingerbread house craft supplies

STEP TWO: Prep the cardboard gingerbread house

The first part to making a DIY cardboard gingerbread house is cutting the gingerbread house shape. Cut a rectangle shape and then trim the top corners to look like a house with a roof.

Cardboard gingerbread house

STEP THREE: Add details to the cardboard gingerbread house

The next part is adding the details of your cardboard gingerbread house. Start to outline the house shape with the white paint marker.

drawing details on cardboard gingerbread house craft

Add the roof, door, and windows. Add any additional details you'd like such as trees, dots, hearts, or bushes.

cardboard gingerbread house

STEP FOUR: Add glitter to your cardboard gingerbread house

Carefully trace over the paint with the craft glue.

DIY cardboard gingerbread house

Then pour the white glitter over the gingerbread house and shake off any excess. You can choose to do this inside a cardboard box, on a sheet of paper, or directly over the trash can.

Gingerbread house from cardboard

STEP FIVE: Finalise your cardboard gingerbread house

Allow your gingerbread house craft to dry before adding the finishing touches. You can use these little gingerbread houses made from cardboard as decorations, you could add some string for an ornament, or you could glue a magnet to hang them on the fridge.

DIY cardboard gingerbread house craft

We hope you have lots of fun making this cardboard gingerbread house. It's such a fun last-minute Christmas activity that makes great use of extra cardboard. A gingerbread house craft is so cute and fun! Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy this activity.

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