Paper Bag Bear Craft - How to Make Bear Paper Bag Puppets

Venture into the enchanted wilderness using just imagination and this Paper Bag Bear Craft. If you have an animal-loving child, this fun and easy-to-make bear paper bag puppet will make their day! 

Easy paper bag bear craft for kids
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This fun paper bag bear craft is so simple to put together and kids love printing with the fork to replicate the bear's fur! Once they have made their bear kids can turn their craft into a bear paper bag puppet for even more fun.
Crafts like this one are not just pure fun, though! This bear craft is great for helping kids engage their motor skills, and it can also work as a hands-on activity to learn about bears or wild animals. Using the paper bag, you can even spin it and teach your little ones a bit about recycling!

Before you begin making your paper bag craft scroll to the end of this post and get a copy of our bear template! This will make the crafting process run smoothly so you and your little ones can get straight to the fun!

Let's get started!

Paper bag bear craft - fork painting

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Paper Bag Bear Craft

Bear Craft - Supplies

  • Paper Bag Bear Template
  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Fork
  • Cardstock - brown, cream/tan, black
  • Black pen
  • Googly eyes, medium
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • ⅝" paper punch (optional)

Paper bag bear craft supplies

How to Make a Bear Paper Bag Puppet

STEP 1: Fork painting!

To start, take the brown paint and pour it on your paper plate. 

fork painting technique for kids

Then, have your kids dip a fork into the paint and start stamping the flap of the paper bag. This will help create a texturised effect similar to a bear's fur. Fork painting is a really fun painting technique! 

fork painting to create texture

Continue using this painting technique to paint all over the bear's body as well. Then leave the paint to dry completely.

fork painting

STEP 2: Trace and cut the bear template

Now, print out the bear template  (available at the bottom of the instructions for free using code - bear) and cut out each outlined shape. 

Using a pen, trace the paws and ears on your brown cardstock and cut them out. 

Then trace the large oval shape onto your cream/ tan cardstock and cut it out. 

Finally, trace the small circle onto black cardstock and cut it out.

paper bag bear craft template

With a black marker, draw some lines on the paws for a more realistic effect. 

bear craft template

STEP 3: Put your bear craft together

Attach the paws with some glue onto the sides of your paper bag. 

How to make a paper bag bear craft

Do the same for the ears, but thing time, glue them on the very top of the paper bag. 

How to make a bear paper bag puppet

Glue the black circle onto the large oval shape and then glue this to the bag's flap, making sure to let the lower part hang over it. Use the picture below as a guide!

Bear paper bag puppet

STEP 4: Add google eyes

Now, you just need to glue the googly eyes onto your paper bag bear craft and draw a simple smile line as the mouth, and this cute bear craft is complete!

Bear paper bag puppet craft

Display your bear craft or have fun using it as a bear paper bag puppet and see what adventures you can go on! 

To use this bear craft as a puppet, simply open up the paper bag and put your hand inside. Have fun!

Bear craft for kids

Why not make a pair of bear paper bag puppets and put on a little show?!

Paper bag bear craft - bear paper bag puppets


To download this bear template for free click on the link below and use the discount code - bear. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Printable paper bag bear craft template

These bear paper bag puppets are super-duper easy and so much fun to make and play with! We hope you love making your own paper bag bear craft just like we did. Enjoy!

Easy paper bag bear craft for kids - how to make bear paper bag puppets

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