Christmas Sensory Bottles

Add a festive spin to sensory play with this eye-catching glittery Christmas Sensory BottleSensory bottles have some amazing benefits, and one of those is that kids are incredibly mesmerised by them, especially if the bottles are visually eye-catching.

Christmas sensory bottle

Whether your child is overwhelmed and needs a quiet activity to calm down or you want to encourage your little ones' sensory abilities, this Christmas Sensory Bottle will do the trick.

Sensory bottles are great for babies and toddlers that are discovering the world around them, but they can also help older children to relax by redirecting their attention and regulating their emotions and breathing.

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Christmas sensory bottle ideas

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Christmas Sensory Bottle

Christmas Sensory Bottle - Supplies:

Christmas sensory bottle supplies

Christmas Sensory Bottle - Directions:

STEP 1: Prepare your sensory bottle

Let's dive in! Grab all your supplies and make sure your workstation is properly covered to avoid any mess (we're working with glue, after all!)

Start by taking the bottle of clear Elmer's Glue and pour the full contents into the bottle you've chosen to make this sensory bottle with. 

How to make a sensory bottle for babies and toddlers

How to make a Christmas sensory bottle for babies and toddlers

STEP 2: Add the sparkly content.

Once the glue is inside the bottle, it's time to add some sparkles! Add the glitter, sequins, and any extra decor you want, like beads. 

Christmas sensory bottle how to

To make the sensory bottle Christmas-themed we picked the traditional Christmas colours of red and green, along with a little silver. Using a variety of sizes of sequins and glitter adds extra interest.

Christmas sensory bottle

STEP 3: Add water to your sensory bottle

Now, take the bottle and fill the remainder of it with water. Try to do this little by little so as not to overfill the bottle.

DIY Christmas sensory bottle

How to make a Christmas sensory bottle

STEP 3: Secure and shake

Close and secure the sensory bottle's lid. Now, shake the bottle until all the content moves around smoothly!

Christmas sensory bottles for babies and toddlers

Glitter sensory bottles

And that's all! Easy-peasy, right? In no time you can make your own DIY Sensory Bottle, Christmas-themed! 

We hope you enjoy making this Christmas sensory bottle and your little ones enjoy using it!

Christmas sensory bottles for babies and toddlers. Glitter sensory bottles.

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