Snow Castles - Snow Activity for Kids

Sandcastles have met their match! Making Snow Castles is such a fun snow activity for kids to get stuck into during wintertime.

Snow castles - snow activity for kids

Explore the sparkling snow this winter season with this fun snow project! As you make these colourful  Snow Castles enjoy some quality time with your kids and take advantage of the wonder of winter.

The winter season is full of wonderful opportunities for kids to enjoy themselves having some good old fashioned outdoor fun! And this snow castle play is just that.

Use food colouring drops in eye-catching colours to create colourful snow castles that look striking against the white snow. 

snow activity for kids

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Snow castles

Snow Castles - Snow Activity for Kids

Snow castles - Supplies:

  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Plastic squeeze bottles (condiment bottles) 
  • Plastic cups 
  • Tray
  • Scoop 
  • Fresh snow 

How to make Snow Castles - Directions:

STEP 1: Pick your colours.

To begin making these fun snow castles, start by selecting which colours your want to use. Use a few selected colours or all the colours of the rainbow, the choice is yours! Then, gather the rest of the materials. 

Snow castle - supplies

STEP 2: Fill up your bottles.

Take your squeeze bottles, fill them up with water, and then add a couple of food coloring drops to each bottle.  Close the lid tight and shake well, so everything blends smoothly. 

snow paint

How to make snow paint

STEP 3: Prep your cups.

Now it is time to head outdoors and get your hands on some snow! Once you've decided where you and the kids will play, scoop fresh snow into a tray.

Take the snow and scoop it in your cups. Then, put on your waterproof gloves and pack the snow down with your hands.

Snow activity for kids - snow castles

Snow activity for kids

Now, take the bottles and squeeze out the coloured water into the cup. You can mix up this activity by using just one colour for each cup of snow or by experimenting with multiple colours.

Make sure you add enough coloured water to cover the snow towards the bottom of the cup. A great way to do this is to insert the bottle's tip into your snow cup and squirt it down towards the bottom.

adding colour to snow

coloured snow activity

making snow castles

snow activity for kids

STEP 3: Make your snow castles

Turn the cup of coloured snow over onto the snow-covered ground, lift the cup up carefully, and create a snow castle!

  Snow castles

How to make snow castles

These little multi-coloured snow castles look so pretty! Making snow castles is a wonderful snow activity to enjoy those cold winter days when you want some fun outdoor play. Enjoy! 

Snow activity for kids - coloured snow castles

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