Rocket Craft for Kids

Today we will share a super easy and quick Rocket Craft for Kids tutorial that you can do with your kids in just a few very simple steps.  Get your kids ready for take-off!

rocket craft for kids

Ah, kids and space rockets! Spaceships and rockets are a bit of an obsession for preschoolers, and my kids are certainly not the exception to the rule. my youngest was thrilled to make this rocket craft and had a blast counting down for the big take-off. 

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easy paper rocket craft with rocket template

How to Make a Rocket Craft for kids at Home.

Rocket Craft - Supplies:

  • Paper roll
  • Colored craft papers
  • Colored cardstock paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

Rocket Craft - Instructions:

STEP 1: Create your rocket's base.

Start by grabbing your craft paper and cover the paper roll with it. Another option is to paint your paper roll. 

paper roll rocket craft

STEP 2: Cut out template

Download the free rocket template (available at the bottom of the page) and print it out. You can draw your own shapes but using the template will make this craft so much easier and quicker to make!

rocket craft supplies

Once you have your template, start by tracing the 2 round shapes on craft paper of your choice and on the coloured cardstock, trace all the other patterns from the template.

rocket craft template

STEP 3: Make nose of rocket.

Grab the pattern for the rocket's nose and glue it into a cone shape. Press the area you have glued and hold it together for a few minutes to make sure the cone shape is secure. 

rocket nose

STEP 4: Add rocket windows.

Take the paper roll you've covered with the craft paper and glue the two round shapes onto it as windows, just like in the picture below.

rocket craft windows

STEP  5: Add the rocket base

Using a pair of scissors, cut four slits about 1 inch from the bottom-open end of your paper roll.

How to make a rocket craft

Take the four stand cutouts and attach them to the roll by sliding them through the slits.

How to make a rocket craft for kids

paper roll rocket craft for kids

STEP  6: Attach the top cone and... you're done!

For the final step, you just need to attach the cone to the top end of the paper roll rocket, and your rocket craft is complete!
 outer space rocket craft for kids

5...4...3...2....1..... to the moon!!!!!

rocket craft for kids to make

This is an adorable craft to make both at home or even make it in the classroom! It's so fun to make and play with. Little ones will love it and you can always use this tutorial to teach them about colours, shapes and even the basics of physics!


To download this rocket template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: rocket. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

rocket template

We hope you love it and enjoy making this rocket craft for kids!

Paper rocket craft for kids.

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