Edible Mud Sensory Play

Time to have some messy and yummy playtime with this Edible Mud Sensory Play! An adorable and fun way to engage your little one in sensory play, this yummy fake mud is going to make your toddler giggle for days!

Edible mud sensory play for toddlers

By now, you must know how much we love messy play around here.

(If this is your first time here; Hi! Have a look at some of our other awesome sensory play activities) 

Sensory play is not just a fun activity for your kids, there are so many benefits to sensory play. Thanks to how easily you can customise the play to your child's interest, sensory play is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

My little one's interest at the moment is something I'm pretty sure you can imagine: pudding! Using his never-ending appetite for it, I came up with this mud sensory play activity that includes another of his current obsessions, his little piggy toys!

Edible mud sensory play

Sensory play is always fun, and there's really no need to get too fancy about it - which is something any parent loves!

One of the main objectives of sensory play is to stimulate all (or some of) the five senses as well as the more complex skills such as balance and motor movements. 

This early stimulation is key to cognitive progress and this self-centered mud play is perfect for it!

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Edible Mud Sensory Play - Pigs in Mud!

Fake mud sensory play for toddlers

Edible Mud Sensory Play - Supplies: 

  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Toy pigs (or any other farmyard animals)
  • Tray (we used the highchair tray)

Edible Mud Sensory Play - Directions: 

STEP 1: Get the pudding.

Let's begin! To prepare your pig mud play, start by picking your child's favourite chocolate pudding. We used Angel Delight, but any brand will work. 

You can make it yourself by following the directions on the package or buy ready-made pudding too.
Whatever works best for you!

fake mud made from chocolate pudding

STEP 2: Prepare your tray.

Pick where you'll pour your edible mud. You can use a plastic tray or a highchair tray, like in our case. 

Edible mud for sensory play

STEP 3: Muddy playtime!

Add pigs or other farmyard animals your child likes to the edible mud and invite your baby or toddler to investigate and explore!

farm sensory play for toddlers and babies

Ollie (aged 17 months) was a little hesitant at first but then quickly got stuck in and started exploring the edible mud. He moved the pigs about and had fun making marks with his fingers. 

Edible mud sensory play for toddlers and babies

Edible sensory play

Edible messy play for babies. Fake mud farm sensory play for toddlers.

We hope your little one loves this edible mud sensory play too! It is so easy to set up and lots of fun for toddlers to explore. 

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