Kids Bath Paint Recipe - Make bathtime even more fun!

Make bath time extra-fun by adding some coloured bubbles with this Kids Bath Paint Recipe! Mixing cornstarch, soap, and some bright pigments, we made this awesome homemade bath paint, and let me tell you, the kids loved it! It's a fabulous way to make bath time more fun and manageable, especially if your toddler or preschooler is going thought the dreadful stage of bath-avoidance!

kids bath paint

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How to make homemade kids bath paint:

kids bath paint recipe

Kids bath paint ingredients:

  • ½ cup clear dishwashing soap or no-tear baby shampoo
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • Cosmetic grade pigment powder. (You can use my Amazon link)

Kids bath paint recipe:

Notes: After trying different brushes, I found the sponge brushes to work the best with this paint. Also, this paint will settle if stored but can be stirred before use.

STEP 1: Get your supplies ready.

To start making this bath paint recipe, make sure you have all the supplies ready and prepare your workstation!

diy kids bath paint

STEP 2: Mix your ingredients!

Once you’re ready, start by mixing the cornstarch with the pigments you’ve chosen to use for this recipe. I recommend using a small bowl for each colour, to keep things tidy. 

homemade bath paint

homemade kids bath paint

homemade bath paint recipe

STEP 3: Add the soap.

Add the liquid soap and stir the mixture and you’re bath paint is ready to be played with! If you want to get the exact results like the ones in my pictures, make sure to double the amounts listed.

kids bath paint

bath paint recipe

STEP 4: Bathtime!

To keep this paint mix good for a few baths, store it in an airtight container at room temperature and stir it before use.

I found the best tool to use this paint with are sponges or sponge paintbrushes. They were so much better and easier to work with than regular paint brushes, but you should experiment to see which you like more.

diy bath paint recipe

This kids bath paint recipe is such a wonderful way to get little ones excited to have a bath.
We hope you and your little ones enjoy this homemade bath paint as much as we do!

Homemade kids bath paint recipe

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