2D Playdough Shape Activity

Get all of your supplies in order and start working on this super fun 2D Playdough Shape Activity! You only need a few budget-friendly materials to get started with this playful learning idea. Scroll down to get the instructions and be on your way to having some amazing playdough fun!

2d shape playdough activity

Learning shapes is important for toddlers and preschoolers development. Whilst hunting for shapes, matching shapes and drawing shapes is fun, there is something about playdough that always draws young children's attention. 

This simple but fun 2D Playdough Shape Activity is a marvellous way to teach our little ones about shapes while they are playing. 

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2D Playdough Shape Activity

Shape Activity Supplies:

  • Play-Doh
  • Craft Sticks

STEP 1: Roll your playdough.

Start by taking a can of playdough or making your own homemade playdough and roll it out into small balls. 

2D playdough shape activity for toddlers and preschoolers

STEP 2: Take your craft sticks.

Now grab all the craft sticks and put them into a pile with all the little balls of playdough you made in the previous step. 

2D playdough shape activity for kids

STEP 3: Make 2D shapes.

Take one of the little playdough's balls and stick one of the craft sticks into your playdough.

playdough activity for kids

Then join another craft stick to the same ball of playdough.

playdough shape activity for kids

2D shape ideas

Continue to do this with your playdough and craft sticks to make a variety of different 2D shapes.

2d shape activity ideas for kids

Use this picture as a guide

Below is a picture so you can show and guide your little one to make a simple and easy 2D shape. A square. For this shape, you'll need 4 mini playdough balls and 4 craft sticks. What other 2D shapes can they make? How many sides do the shapes have? Are all the sides the same length?

2D playdough shape activity

Using playdough is a fun way to help your little ones get more familiar with 2D shapes, use and improve their fine motor skills, and have a good time playing with the classic and always giggles-inducing, playdough!

2D shape activity for kids. A fun learning playdough activity.

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