Family Handprint Art Ideas

Whilst spending time at home with family think about making a family handprint keepsake. This is such a fun craft to do as a family and it will be a craft you will always treasure. There are lots of different ways that you can make your own family handprint art. Scroll on down below to find a collection of wonderful family handprint ideas.

Family handprint art ideas

We couldn't not share all these beautiful family handprint ideas that were shared to our facebook page. No two are the same, but they are all so precious.

There is no right or wrong way to make a family handprint keepsake, use what you have at home, paint, markers or colourful paper and get creative! Alternatively, you could make salt dough family handprints or make abstract zentangle hands art.

Family Handprint Art Ideas

Brittany Joyce made a rainbow of family handprints and she arranged them in size order. She included the words 'We may not have it all together BUT together we have it ALL!!'.

Family handprint art

Sharon Jepson-Reilly made her family handprint keepsake by colouring in cut out hand shapes for each member of her family. She included the words 'After every storm, there is a rainbow of hope'.

Family handprint ideas

Anita Leathers made her family handprint keepsake for Spring Break. She even included all the family pets!

Family handprint canvas

Nidhi Kathuria made a family handprint keepsake for her daughters birthday. She used a different coloured paint for each family member and included the words, 'When the world stayed apart this was our favourite place to be!'.

family handprint frame

Laura Pantrey made her family handprint art inside a lockdown 2020 frame. She included a letter from downing street on the back. 

family handprint craft

Anne from Switzerland made a family handprint keepsake for her parents. She framed handprints cut out of brightly coloured paper.

family handprint art ideas

Emma Owen has used hand cut outs individually decorated and then arranged her family handprints within a frame. She has included the words 'During a time when the world needed to stay apart together was our favourite place to be'.

family handprint keepsake

Verce Mijalova made a frame from craft sticks which she filled with her family handprints. She added hearts and the message #stayhome

family handprint ideas

Amy Foxon made this fabulous family handprint art using a photocopier! She photocopied each family members hand and then cut the handprints out and arranged them in a frame. I love the detail she has captured!

Family handprint art using photocopier

As well as making family handprints using paper, markers, paint or ink you could make salt dough family handprints. Follow our salt dough handprint recipe to find out how we made ours.

salt dough family handprint art

Another fun handprint art idea that can be done individually or as a family is creating zentangle hands art

zentangle family hand art idea

We hope that you have enjoyed looking through these family handprint art ideas as much as we have. Have fun making a family handprint keepsake of your own!

Family handprint art ideas
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