St Patricks Day Emotions Activity Pack

Help children to explore emotions with this fun leprechaun emotions activity pack! Whether your kids like playdough activities, drawing or writing there is something for all styles of learning with this fun 9 page learning pack.  There is a leprechaun playdough mat and supporting leprechaun worksheets. Children will love using a St Patricks day theme to explore emotions in lots of different ways. Scroll down to see what is included in the pack!

St Patricks Day Emotions Activity Pack

St Patricks Day is such a fun day of celebration. St Patricks Day crafts and activities are always so bright and colourful and so much fun! If you want to really go full on with the leprechaun theme this St Patricks Day you might want to check out some of our other leprechaun crafts and leprechaun themed activities:

St Patricks Day Emotions Activity Pack 

St Patricks Day Playdough Emotions Activity

This printable emotions activity pack is made up of 9 pages including:

  • Leprechaun playdough mat
  • Example leprechaun emotions
  • Writing, drawing and colouring emotions worksheets 

Leprechaun Emotions Playdough Mat

Supplies needed:

  • Emotions activity pack printable 
  • Playdough
  • Laminator and laminator pouches (optional)
  • Pencil

Young children tend to love playdough activities so what better way to explore emotions than by using playdough. As well as a leprechaun playdough mat we have included example emotions to help children create as many different emotions as they can with their playdough.

St Patricks Day leprechaun playdough mat

The leprechaun playdough mat has a blank face and children can try making all of the different emotions that they can think of. I would recommend laminating the playdough mat if you are planning to use it again.

The instructions written on the leprechaun playdough mat reads: See how many fun faces you can make with your play dough.

leprechaun emotions playdough mat

emotions playdough mat for kids

They can even make a playdough shamrock for their leprechauns hat!

St Patricks Day playdough emotions activity pack. Including lerpechaun playdough mat.

If playdough is not your child's thing, not to worry, we also have a leprechaun drawing mat version of this activity where your child is asked to draw on the different faces instead of using playdough. You could laminate the page so your child can do the activity again and again by drawing the face on with a drywipe marker.

As well as the leprechaun playdough mat, leprechaun drawing mat and example emotion card you will also find writing, colouring and drawing worksheets included in the emotions activity pack.


To get this pack of emotions printables click the link below to be taken to the Messy Little Monster shop. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable emotions worksheets

So what are you waiting for! Download and print out your St Patricks Day emotions activity pack and start exploring emotions using this fun leprechaun theme.

printable emotions worksheets. St Patricks Day leprechaun emotions activity pack with leprechaun playdough mat.

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