How to Make Your Own Stamp

Make your own stamp from cardboard and craft foam! Kids will love designing their own DIY Christmas stamps and using them to make patterns, greeting cards or even homemade wrapping paper. The stamps can be made for any theme; Christmas stamps, winter stamps, shape stamps, really anything! Scroll down to see how to make your own stamp collection.

How to make your own stamp

Have you ever used cardboard tubes as stamps? We made some shape stamps which are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. We also love using cookie cutters as stamps to make cookie cutter art! You can also make homemade stamps from bottle caps and craft foam.

So back to how to make your own stamps from cardboard and craft foam! It really is simple. Grab some craft foam, cut out the shape you would like, stick it to cardboard and dip it into paint!

The more detailed instructions for making your own stamps are below. We have also included a printable template for the shapes we have used and we have included a few other Christmas stamp ideas.

How to make your own stamp

Make your own stamp wrapping paper for kids

DIY stamp supplies:

  • Craft foam sheet (at least 3mm thickness)
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or hot glue

Direction for making stamps

STEP 1: Gather up your supplies

As always we would suggest gathering up all the supplies needed before beginning to make your own stamps. Think about what shape stamps you would like to make. We have included a printable at the bottom of the page with a few Christmas stamp ideas on it, but your can make your own stamps for any theme or occasion.

STEP 2: Trace pattern onto craft foam

We’ll be using craft foam sheet (also known as softie) for the stamp and cardboard for the stamp base. Use a pencil to trace any pattern from the provided template onto your craft foam, or alternatively design your own shape. 

homemade stamps

STEP 3: Cut out foam shape and cardboard

Use scissors to cut out the shape that you drew from the craft foam sheet. 

homemade stampers

Cut out a piece of cardboard slightly bigger that the foam shape. The cardboard will be used as the base of the stamp. 

If you are doing this activity with toddlers or preschoolers having a handle for them to hold the stamp with will make it easier for them. If you want to make a handle you will need to cut an extra strip of cardboard.

STEP 4: Attach foam to cardboard

Attach the foam pattern to the cardboard cutout using glue. 

how to make your own stamp

STEP 5: Make stamp handle (optional)

If you have chosen to make a handle for your stamp take the cardboard strip and roll it up. Glue the open end to secure. Then attach the rolled cardboard to the stamp. 

That's it, your stamp is now complete. Make sure the glue is dry before using your homemade stamper. 

diy stamp

STEP 6: Stamp onto paper

Now it's time to have fun with your new homemade stamp. Apply paint on the foam shape using a paint brush and then stamp it on a paper. Make sure not to apply too much paint. 

Repeat as many times as you wish to make patterns. You can make your own stamps in any size or shape you choose. 

make your own stamp wrapping paper - Christmas craft for kids


To download these Christmas stamp ideas for free click on the link below. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted.

make your own stamp template

We hope you enjoy making and using these homemade stampers. You could even make your own stamp wrapping paper or greeting cards! 

How to make your own stamp wrapping paper. Homemade stampers Christmas craft for kids.

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