Adorable Christmas Tree Craft for Babies First Christmas

It can be tricky thinking of Christmas crafts for babies. Lots of baby crafts are mainly done by the adult and as cute as they are sometimes it's nice to get baby more involved. This Christmas tree craft for babies and toddlers is a lot of fun for them to make and you can even add a photograph to make it more personal!

Christmas Tree Craft for Babies First Christmas

Babies first Christmas is such a special time and making homemade Christmas cards with baby can be really fun. These cute Christmas cards can even double up as babies first Christmas keepsakes!

We have used our Christmas tree template to help with making this Christmas tree craft. We also used the same template to make our fingerprint Christmas tree card.

Here are a few more Christmas crafts for babies and toddlers (some will require more adult input than others!)

Christmas tree craft for babies first Christmas

Christmas crafts for babies

(Ollie aged 10 months loved making his Christmas tree card)

Christmas tree craft supplies:

  • Christmas tree template
  • Green paint
  • White paper
  • Blue card
  • Gold sharpie 
  • Selloptape
  • Craft glue 
  • Star cookie cutter

Christmas tree craft for babies to make

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies

When doing crafts with babies and toddlers you need to be organised! Before inviting your baby or toddler to do some painting you will need to tape a piece of paper to your babies highchair or to a table.

If you haven't already head down to the bottom of the page to grab the printable Christmas tree template. Put this to one side. 

STEP 2: Let baby paint!

Now it's time for your baby or toddler to get creative! Add a few drops of green paint to the paper. Babies can either paint with their hands or be handed a paint brush.

babies first christmas keepsake

Babies and toddlers can explore the texture of paint and see what happens as they move the paint around the paper. Some babies will love this, others may be more cautious. 

Christmas tree craft

Once your baby has finished painting remove the paper and leave it to dry. 

STEP 3: Cut out Christmas tree

Using our Christmas tree template cut the shape of a Christmas tree out of the painting your baby or toddler has made. 

Christmas tree craft template

STEP 4: Make a Christmas star (optional)

Adding a Christmas star to the top of your Christmas tree is a nice added touch. You could cut a star out of gold craft paper or use a sparkly sticker in the shape of a star, but my favourite option is using a photograph. Using a photo of your child turns this Christmas card into a beautiful Christmas keepsake! 

Draw around a star cookie cutter to get the shape of a star. 

Christmas tree photo craft

STEP 5: Put together Christmas tree card

Fold a piece of blue card in half and then glue the Christmas tree shape to the bottom of the card. Glue the star to the top of the Christmas tree. 

Christmas crafts for babies first Christmas

STEP 6: Outline Christmas Tree

To finish off this Christmas craft for babies first Christmas use a gold sharpie to outline the Christmas tree and to add a Christmas message. Now your Christmas tree card is ready to be delivered to a loved one! 

Babies first Christmas keepsake - Christmas tree craft

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To download this Christmas tree template for free click on the link below and use the discount code:tree. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted.

Christmas tree template

We hope that you enjoy making this Christmas craft for babies. This Christmas tree craft is the perfect craft for babies to get involved in as it creates a great babies first Christmas keepsake. 

Christmas tree craft for babies first Christmas. Easy Christmas craft for babies with Christmas tree template

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