The Lorax Truffula Tree Craft

With Dr Seuss day just around the corner on March 2nd we thought we would squeeze in one more Dr Seuss craft. Kids will love making this truffula tree craft after reading 'The Lorax'. What's great about this Lorax craft is that it is functional as well as fun as these truffula trees would make great bookmarks! Scroll down below to see how to make this easy 'The Lorax' truffula tree craft.

The Lorax Truffula Tree Craft

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The Lorax Truffula Tree Craft

Dr Seuss Craft

Truffula Tree Craft Supplies

  • Yellow jumbo craft sticks
  • Black Sharpie
  • Pink, yellow and blue embroidery thread
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Scissors

How to make this Truffula Tree Craft

STEP 1: Get your supplies ready

Before you begin making this truffula tree craft prepare all your supplies. To avoid getting pen marks on your work surface lay out a scrap piece of paper to work on. When choosing the colours for your embroidery threads you could either look at 'The Lorax' and match you colours to those used in the book, or just pick your favourite colours!

Dr Seuss Truffula Tree Craft

STEP 2: Make a pom pom

To make the top of the truffula trees wrap embroidery thread around three fingers. Carefully slide the thread off your fingers and tie the end around the center into a double knot. Then cut the loop on each side.

Easy Truffula Tree Craft

Truffula Tree Craft from The Lorax

STEP 2: Make the trunk

To make the trunk of your truffula trees you need to colour thick diagonal stripes onto your yellow craft sticks.

Lorax Truffula Tree Craft

STEP 3: Construct truffula tree

This part will need to be done by an adult. Squirt some hot glue on the top of your yellow and black craft stick and stick the coloured thread pom pom on top. Move the pieces around to make the tree look more full.

Truffula Tree Craft. Dr Seuss Day craft.

Your Truffula tree craft is complete. It would be lots of fun to use this 'The Lorax' craft as a bookmark for when reading Dr Seuss books.

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Dr Seuss Crafts

We hope that you enjoy making this easy Dr Seuss craft. I'm sure your toddlers and preschoolers would love using this Truffula Tree craft as a bookmark as they read their favourite Dr seuss books. Make sure you read 'The Lorax' before making this fun Lorax craft.

Dr Seuss Crafts. The Lorax truffula tree craft for kids. Dr Seuss day activity ideas.

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