Paper Plate Angel Lacing Craft

This paper plate angel is such a fun lacing craft to do with toddlers and preschoolers! It's simple but looks soooo effective! How brilliant is it that this Christmas craft will help get young children into the spirit of the holiday and help them with their fine motor skills at the same time! There are so many ways you can use this angel craft once it is made, you could put it at the top of your Christmas tree or glue it to cardstock to make a beautiful Christmas card. Just scroll down below for step-by-step directions to make your own paper plate angel.

Paper Plate Angel Lacing Craft. Christmas fine motor crafts for kids.

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Paper Plate Angel Craft for Kids

This paper plate Angel would make a great Christmas-themed fine motor activity or a cool lacing craft for keeping children entertained over the Christmas break. They will have so much fun helping you put this one together!

Just scroll down below to get started making your paper plate Angel!

Christmas fine motor lacing craft for preschoolers. Angel craft.

Paper Plate Angel Lacing Craft

Supplies for your paper plate Angel

  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Yellow and pink yarns
  • Glue stick
  • Markers

Directions to make your paper plate Angel

STEP 1: Gather supplies

Before you get started, gather up all the supplies you need for the paper plate Angel. This just makes your craft easier as you're not running around looking for everything.

lacing craft

STEP 2: Prepare the paper plate

To get started, cut the plate into four even sections as seen below. Don't worry about making them perfect as you will be trimming them in just a second.

paper plate craft

Next, cut a circle out of the top section to make the angel's head. Then, trim the bottom section a little at each end for the body. The remaining pieces will be the Angel's wings.

paper plate angel craft for preschoolers

STEP 3: Thread the Angel

Once you've done that, use a hole punch to make holes along the outer edges as seen below, and punch one hole at each center point.

paper plate angel craft for kids

Next, thread the pink yarn through the top hole and into one of the bottom holes and then back through the top. Continue this pattern until you've completed the Angel's dress. Tie the loose ends together at the back.

TIP: To help younger children with threading the yarn add a little tape to the end of the yarn and they will find it much easier to thread it through the holes. 

fine motor lacing craft for preschoolers

Repeat the same process with the yellow yarn on the wings.

fine motor Christmas lacing craft for kids

Arrange the pieces so that the wings are on each sides of the body and then use a small piece of yarn to thread through the top hole of each piece and secure them together as shown below.

fine motor paper plate angel craft for kids

STEP 4: Finalize your paper plate Angel

To finish up the craft, draw a cute face and hair onto the circle piece for the Angel's head. Attach it to the body using glue or tape to complete the lacing craft. Another fun idea could be to add a photography of your child's face to the circle instead! 

Paper Plate angel craft. Fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids.

We hope you have a BLAST making this paper plate Angel. It's such a fun lacing craft for the Christmas season. The kids will really enjoy getting into the spirit of Christmas while practicing their fine motor skills.

Paper plate angel craft for kids. A fine motor lacing craft for preschoolers. An easy christmas craft that looks adorable!

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