Disney On Ice Review

Our recent visit to Disney On Ice was as magical and impressive as always! We went to watch 'Passport to Adventure' at the arena in Birmingham.  It's the 4th time the children have been to see 'Disney on Ice' and the show never disappoints.

Disney on Ice 'Passport to Adventure' review. We loved it!

As we headed towards the arena in Birmingham with an excited Daisy (aged 3) dressed up as Elsa from Frozen and Harry (aged 6) armed with his flashing light, we were all really looking forward to the show. We got there in plenty of time so we were able to really take in the atmosphere. The arena was filled with children dressed in disney costumes and there were flashing lights everywhere. 

Harry (aged 6) always looks forward to the Disney on Ice shows, but Daisy (aged 3) has alway been a bit young to fully appreciate it,  this time she was a perfect age to be able to really enjoy it.  She had seen a few videos of the show on youtube and she had been excitedly counting down the days. Harry had been busy teaching her the songs from frozen. 

Here is a short video of some of our favourite parts of the show. 

After a quick warm up where the children were encouraged to get up and dance along, the show was introduced by Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The show was divided into 4 mini stories; The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Frozen. 

Each part of the show consists of a short version of the story filled with impressive skating, singing and special effects. As each mini story is introduced the theme music is played and Harry loved announcing to us which story would be coming up next. 

Keeping each part of the show short is perfect for young children as it keeps their attention. Daisy was mesmerised throughout and didn't leave her seat for the first hour and a half (which is pretty amazing for her!) and Harry was left wanting more when the show finished. 

Disney on Ice 'Passport to Adventure' review. We loved it!

The Peter Pan story was a favourite with Harry and Daisy. Having the characters flying onto the stage definitely added to the magical effect. The children loved the huge inflatable crocodile and they found it hilarious when Caption Hook was eaten (although some children may find this scary). 

The Frozen story makes a perfect finale to the show. All the children can't help but get up and dance and sing along. The special effects are really impressive too, with falling snow and sparks flying. 

Disney on Ice 'Passport to Adventure' review. We loved it!

In conclusion, 'Passport to Adventure' (like all the Disney on Ice Shows) is an amazing show that impresses children and adults alike. I would say age 3 upwards is the perfect age to truly be able to enjoy it. 

It's not too late to book tickets for the show, for the complete list of tour dates, head to www.disneyonice.co.uk.

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