Monster Biscuits Maths Game

This edible monster maths game is a great way of encouraging children to count and recognise numbers.  We had lots of fun choosing numbers, icing biscuits and counting eyes.  Our monster biscuits were yummy and they made a great gift for daddy from his little monsters.  This fun maths activity is part of the 'Cool maths for cool kids' series hosted by 'Peakle Pie.

Monster Biscuit Maths Counting Game

You will need:

  • biscuits (we used this recipe)
  • coloured icing 
  • eyes (we made ours from fondant icing but smarties or sweets would make good alternatives)
  • numbers 1-10 written on paper and folded in half. 

Monster Biscuit Maths Counting Activity

Monster Biscuits Maths Game

Reveal and read a number.

Learn to count Monster Maths Game

Ice a biscuit and count on a matching number of eyes to create your monster.

Make Monster Biscuits and learn to count

Repeat for all numbers.  We added a few icing mouths to our monsters. 

counting and recognising numbers using monster biscuits

When we had completed our game we gave our biscuits to daddy as a little gift for fathers day, (but we helped him eat them!) 

fathers day gift for daddy love your little monsters

Harry: Age 3

Monster biscuit maths counting activity

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  1. Thank you for starting off Cool Maths For Cool Kids - this is brilliant! :)

  2. What a yummy math activity! Love the smile :)


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