Learn to Count Ladybird Craft

Learn to count with this simple ladybird craft and FREE PRINTABLE.  We recycled plastic milk bottle lids and printed off some leaves with numbers on to make a fun number game. 

Learn to count ladybird craft (FREE PRINTABLE NUMBER LEAVES)

Harry loved our Little Bo Peep Letter Hunt so much that I decided to set up another hunting game for him. To see our other counting activities click here

You will need (affiliate links):

Plastic lids
A black sharpie (UK link / US link)
FREE PRINTABLE leaf numbers
Laminator (UK link / US link)

Ladybird and Leaf Craft

These ladybirds were so simple to make. I simply used a sharpie marker pen to draw the ladybirds onto the plastic lids.  I gave each ladybird a different number of spots 1-10.  I printed off the leaves and laminated them. 

ladybird number game (FREE PRINTABLE NUMBER LEAVES)

Number Games

We used these ladybirds to learn to count and recognise numbers, but you could use them to:
  • order numbers
  • talk about more/ less (bigger/ smaller numbers)
  • add dots/ numbers together
  • learn number bonds to 10

Learn to Count Game

I hid the ladybirds and leaves around the garden.

Harry went on a hunt to find the ladybirds and leaves.

Learn to count ladybird hunt (FREE PRINTABLE NUMBER LEAVES)

He counted the spots on each ladybird.

Counting spots ladybird craft (FREE PRINTABLE NUMBER LEAVES)

He tried to recognise and read the numbers on the leaves. 

number game ladybird craft (FREE PRINTABLE NUMBER LEAVES)

He matched each ladybird to the correct leaf. I had planned on putting the numbers in order, but Harry had his own plans! 

We played this game a few times and took it in turns hiding and finding the ladybirds and leaves.  Harry's favourite part was sitting on the chair watching me hunt for them! 

Harry: Age 3

Learn to count ladybird craft (FREE PRINTABLE NUMBER LEAVES)

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