Ladybird Footprint Art for Babies and Toddlers

Make a cute ladybird (ladybug) footprint keepsake to display in a frame or for the front of a greeting card. This Spring or Summer footprint craft was made using a baby footprint, but it would be a great art activity for toddlers or preschoolers.

Ladybird/ Ladybug baby footprint keepsake

Toddlers and preschoolers might also enjoy our squish art ladybug craft. Squish art is such a fun painting technique for young children.

Ladybird Footprint Craft

How to make a ladybird (ladybug) footprint

  • Paint the heel of the foot black and the rest of the foot red.
  • Press the foot onto white paper to make a footprint. Leave it to dry
  • Use black paint or a black maker to draw or paint spots (or hearts), legs and antennas onto your ladybird.
  • Add googly eyes and a little red smile.
Ladybird/ Ladybug baby footprint keepsake
That's it your ladybird footprint art is now complete.  This baby footprint craft is both easy to make and adorable to look at! Check out our other footprint art ideas too!

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