Rainbow Coloured Fairy Cakes

We are loving rainbow crafts and activities at the moment so we thought we would have a go at making some rainbow fairy cakes. We love having fun with food and Harry was amazed at the colours and patterns he created. 

We made a cake mix using this simple recipe. To make our cake rainbow coloured I divided the mixture into 5 bowls and added a tiny amount of wilton colour gel (affiliate links: UK linkUS link) to each bowl.  

Harry had a great time adding the different coloured mixtures into some cake cases.

We baked our cakes for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.  We did over fill our cake cases a bit though, so we had to chop a bit off the top of the cakes before we iced them! Ooops!

We mixed up some icing using this recipe and then poured on lots of sprinkles. 

We cut the cakes in half to see the rainbow patterns.  Harry was soooo excited to see the different colors and swirls, and they tasted quite yummy too!

Disclaimer: Baking really isn't my thing and I'm not pretending to be any good, but Harry loves any kind of cooking so I give it a go!

Harry: Age 3 

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