Splat Painting

Splat painting is an easy, fun and messy art technique for kids.  We had so much fun splatting paint onto our paper and we enjoyed making lots of mess.

To make the paints simply mix ready made poster paints with a little water.  We decided to use nice bright colours.  To do the splatting you will need a tea bag for each colour.

  Dip the tea bags into the paint and then get splatting!

Harry started off very carefully splatting one colour at a time onto his paper.....

.....but before long he was having a great time dripping and splatting the colours on top of each other.

After a while he started mixing the colours together and making a real mess! Which as always he thought was great! 

I love some of the patterns that the splats created (before Harry started mixing all the colours together!) You could even keep some of the paintings and turn them into greeting cards.

Harry: Age 3

Harry loved this process and it was really easy to set up.  Do you think you will give it a go?

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