Bubbles Sensory Play

Everyone loves bubbles!! We had great time blowing bubbles, mixing them, pouring them and creating a huge mess in this bubbles sensory play activity. 

I put bowls of bubble paint (which we used for bubble painting) on our tuff tray along with some spoons, straws, cups, plates and bowls. To make the bubble paints I mixed water and paint (1:1 ratio) in a bowl and squirted in a bit of washing up liquid.  I had hoped Harry would love making the bubbles but he actually ended up drinking instead of blowing the mixture (but he loved watching me make them and kept asking for more......and more.....and more!)

He pouring the bubbles between the bowls, plates and cups......

.......and mixed up some bubbly potions.

Bubble soup anyone?

He poured the bubbles onto the tray......

......and loved the bubbly mess that he had created!

Harry: Age 3

 Have you seen our bubble painting?

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  1. Love the colours! Looks like this activity went down a treat with Harry!


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